the triumph of the water lily
By Stella Osammor

About this book

An original story; fresh and realistic. It is a book about topical issues in Nigerian marriages, culture clashes, childlessness, pride and humility, grief and pain, love and joy, politics, the diverse forms of religion inherent in Nigeria. It is a book about qualities and values which transcend culture, ethnicity. A book about profound nature of an African thriving in the midst of adversity. The Triumph of the Water Lily is a celebration of womanhood. It is a moving exploration of life and death, in which Effua, the narrator, tells of a passionate story of trial and tribulation, of the triumph of love and life, even in the throes of death. The novel attests to the nobility, elegance and profound goodness of Nkem, the central character. It is also a courageous story of romance filled with excitement, novelty and moments of shock, particularly for Effua, whose life has been inexorably influenced by Nkem's. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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