the whore
By Yas Niger

About this book

Kengua is visibly a male journalist with a secret dual sexual condition. Laraba is his clueless female colleague and most probable suitor, who refuses to be evaded by him. They both have impressive careers and this is the story they both live in their race for a culled national prestige. The tale tells of their chase for emotional comforts with or without each other, in the intrigues of a demanding corrupt society and the diverse people traversing it. Their story takes a haphazard order, seemingly in the future but in a distorted lingering present, but still in a past not ended distinctly. This is their romantic tale, that of the aromatic irrepressible choking political complexities of the Nigeria they inhabit, the civility it borrows but does not keep or practice. The story particularly challenges the accepted logical world patterns and its deliberately numbed obvious contradictions. Their demand for objectivity in every possible regard is swallowed up with their parochial subjective nature as unconventional characters and controversial individuals. PLEASE RATE THIS BOOK Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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