the words of my father
By Esosa Gift

About this book

it was a communion service day, and I was ministering with my Father in the Lord; Apostle Otuekong Archibong, but he noticed the communion table was not properly dressed and the procedures were not adhered to. This got him angry and he responded by saying to me " do you have a sense at all". I managed to put myself together, as well as put things together for the service to proceed effectively. But when I got home, those words hit me again: "do you have a sense at all". I began to evaluate and do an assessment of my life again; do I actually have sense? Am I not a graduate of The University of Benin? Don't I have working experience in the banking industry for over a decade? Some of my friends and family have called me an intelligent person. Then why will my Father in the Lord say such a word to me, or is this a case of Priest Eli and Hannah? Then it dawned on me that in the service of the Lord, there is more to sense than academic and mental sense. And this particular sense is the sense of the Spirit, that births the awareness, understanding, and application of the things of the Spirit. It began to dawn on me the revelation of the scripture that says that the flesh (sensory perceptions) profits nothing, for it is the Spirit that quickens, but the Word is Spirit and Life. The true sense is in the Spirit and is capable of producing and bettering lives and destinies, and this is found in The Word of God. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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