thirty things you must do before you are thirty (foretaste)
By Ayotunde OKunowo

About this book

Perhaps if some of us who had relegated the age of 30 to the bag of history had read the book Thirty Things You Must Do Before You Are Thirty in our early 20’s, our lives might have taken a different trajectory……in other words, for a young teen that has no ambition, the book provides plenty of nuggets to keep such a person on the right track…. Without doubt, this book written by Ayotunde Okunowo, strikes all right notes as a motivational compendium….once the reader starts reading the book, he immediately meets a wise guardian who holds his hand leading him through a labyrinth of passageways that leads to store houses of wisdom nuggets. Thirty Things You Must Do Before You Are Thirty would no doubt help teenagers aspire to be great persons. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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