till death do us part
By Ocholi Okutepa

About this book

This book is a Mentality Guide for the Married, a Masterclass for the Single. Marriage! I have sat in counselling with many people and thought to myself; ‘not a lot of people understand what marriage is and what to do with it!’ The truth is that nobody ever gets prepared enough for marriage. We all must deal with surprises. Even for those who courted for a longer time than others, the overwhelming feeling of being in what you have never been in has a way of knocking hard on us all. Amazingly, even those who have been prior married would be honest to tell you that every marriage is different and your experience with another person does not prepare you for marriage to a totally different person. What you do while already married will determine whether you will remain in it or be out of it or worst still be frustrated and live with it. In this book, I speak about the foundational wisdom upon which a marriage should stand. I take your mind to the right mindset and get you thinking thoughts that will produce results that you desire. The chapters are written in short, concise and straight to the point manner to help you read on the go and meditate on. They are practical, relatable and hands on reference for the diverse scenarios that plays out in marriages. There are Seventy-five reflections, and couple games/activities to test your intimacy and improve your bond. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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