tim goshen okojie
By Tim Goshen Okojie

About this book

It’s sad but true that life must separate us from certain friends, relationships, business partners or even ministerial colleagues if you must move forward in destiny. The bitter truth is that some relationships have become a clog in the wheel to your well-being, you know the areas as it concerns you. Not just unfriendly friends, but even friends with good intentions. Life as we see it is a journey from cradle to destiny. You must travel on your own path. Twenty children cannot play together for twenty years. In twenty years they would have been in twenty different classes. Everyman’s destiny is a function of how he sees it. Whether you succeed or fail only you can decide. Life sensitive and technical. It takes just one opportunity to break through. Just one moment, just one helper, just one friend, just another trial, just one event, just one inspiration and above all just one God. We must agree that no man is an Island, no one can succeed alone. But it takes one man who will tell himself I've come too far to give up now. It takes one man who will tell himself "I may have tried and lost, but it's time to try again. It takes one man who will tell himself history may have been against us, but prophecy is sure on our side. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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