to live again
By Osar Adeyemi

About this book

Some chances in life only come once. She had already had hers at love and would not dare expect more. When Fayona's husband was killed in a plane crash five years earlier, she made up her mind there would be no goodbyes between them and she was determined to keep the memories of their time together as her constant companion. But Jason Ola-Daniels had other ideas and he was out to make Fayona see that life offered more chances than she thought. He just didn't bargain for the stiff resistance from her. Will Fayona allow Jason scale the walls she has built around herself? Can she overcome the fear of losing another man she loves? What about the societal and family expectations that Jason, scion of the Ola-Daniels dynasty marry someone who has never been married? To Live Again is a story about undying love, second chances, emotional healing and learning to trust once more. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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