tomorrow never ends (book 1)
By Patience Saduwa

About this book

'A fascinating love story, full of mystery, intrigues. The writer is a storyteller with a knack for detail and a flawless prose style that keeps the story flowing seamlessly...' The Nation Tomorrow Never Ends is a tale of the strong, indivisible bond love can create between two people which can survive through the vicissitudes of life, time and age that is bound to change cynics' ideas about love, relationships and commitment. It’s a love story with a twist and it's the first in a two book series. Oma Imoni is the workaholic young woman who runs her own Advertising/PR firm. Her desire is to grow the fledging agency into a successful one in the cutthroat advertising industry in the country. However, she's not willing to compromise her standards for anything. Thus she lambasts a prospective client, Daniel, on a day of an important pitch, for daring to make her an indecent proposal of sex in exchange for the lucrative account of his company. However, they are destined to be together and love happens to them eventually. But it's a doomed love as certain forces, including an old family feud, his family's choice of bride, threaten to destroy their relationship and happiness. Enter a mysterious figure simply known as the Seer, a man reputed to have the abilities to fathom things the ordinary eye cannot. He advises them to embark on a journey to their past to seek a solution. But can this save their love? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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