Too LittLe, TOO LATE
Title: Too LittLe, TOO LATE
Author: TM David-West
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price: ₦ 200
No. of Words: 48264
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  • realistic fiction; abuse; domestic violence; novellas

When the new neighbours move in at 9:30pm on a mid-November warm night, Prisca Denton thought it rather weird and despite her uneasy feeling after a rude encounter with the unfriendly, blank-eyed man and his shrouding-behind-the-curtain wife the next morning, she makes up her mind to toss them out of her mind and focus on her family and business. But when another unexpected noise rents the night air, making it two strange noises in a row, Prisca decides she must find out what was going on in the new neighbour’s home and that she must reach out to the woman she was now certain she’d at first judged wrongly. But when a battered wife has been conditioned to believe that she has no means of escape, reaching out to her and convincing her to take your helping hand, maybe a little too late achievable.
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