treasure mine vol. 1
By Ezekiel Adewale Ajibade

About this book

This divinely inspired book is soul-lifting, engaging, encouraging, and explanatory, from a disciplined man of details who is spiritually guided to affect his generation and beyond. I find the book so engaging and captivating. I get carried away with its depth of details, revelation, inspiration and the author’s spiritual insight. Surely, “flesh and blood have not revealed this to you;” but our father in heaven. The use of nuggets, practical daily experiences as examples by the author add value to make for easy reading and understanding of the book. A must-read for new converts, practising Christians, old believers, students and teachers of Theology, pastors, evangelists, missionaries and everybody who thirsts after the knowledge of the Word. This is a real GEM that must not be taken for granted. - A Reader. Free content powered by NLNG

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