By Mia Oma

About this book

Friends with benefits...with a twist. There was only one man who could have Lima on edge. Sweaty, needy. Making her want to break all her rules. One, never mix business with pleasure. Two, never catch feelings. Three, never get your heart broken. They shared the same office space, but could they share the same sheets? Coworkers by day, bedmates by night? The sinfully gorgeous Nik was the answer to all the wrong questions, but Lima couldn't resist. One night together. That was all she needed. All Lima could allow. After all, she was the boss's daughter. Only problem was, once was never enough. One taste, and they were hooked. So what happens when secrets start to come to light? Who's been hiding a secret identity? Who might just have a hidden pregnancy? Can a future built on lust and lies have a hope in hell of surviving? ... A spicy corporate romance filled with intrigue and passion. Indulge yourself, you deserve it! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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