twisted affairs
By Stan-Collins Ubaka

About this book

When Jane married Fred, she prepared herself for a life that she imagined would be wedded bliss, but before long things turned sour. Fred tended to stay out late, rarely returning home before midnight and when challenged by Jane over his actions, he beat her. Eventually fate caught up with him and Fred was involved in a shocking accident that crippled him and left him impotent. Now, faced with a lifetime of taking care of her husband, with no prospect of having children of her own, Jane descended into despair. When Dan, an old childhood friend, came back into Jane’s life, things began to change again. He helped her to start a business of her own and was solid and dependable, but he was also honest to the point that he rebuffed Jane’s advances since she was a married woman. As her life carried on, Dan moved to London and another man, Julius, became Jane’s source of interest. Following her husband’s death, they became engaged, but there was another twist in store for her. Now, betrothed to another, Dan returns to Jane’s life once more, intent on pledging his love and making her his own. But is it too late?

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