Unbroken; Channelling the Power of the Mind
Title: Unbroken; Channelling the Power of the Mind
Author: John Onche Shaibu
Category: Business & Finance
Language: English
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Owing to a myriad of reasons, it is becoming increasingly difficult to go through one day without coming in contact with at least one man or woman who lashes out at us with obvious frustrations and negative energy oozing out of their being. Dozens of people are broken on account of the economic situation, personal issues or even health related challenges that they face. The irate boss, the impatient colleague, the scowling neighbour or even the cranky motorist who bellows at you as you meander across the streets, have become a side dish for every day we are served. The human mind is capable of doing so many great things but when man loses control of his mind, he is reduced to a mere mortal who is regulated by his environment. The control of the mind can be regarded as the first intellectual step to self-awareness. Whatever the mind thinks and conceives it attracts and creates. Therefore, anything we experience is a reflection of what goes on in our minds. Open your mind to possibilities and opportunities, and you will be amazed how positive ideas on how to live well will begin to flow towards you. Take positive action on those ideas and you will attract all round prosperity. Your mind holds the key to unlocking a rich and vibrant life. Drain your heart of fears that are unfounded and learn to listen to that positive voice that attempts to calm your mind. As you persist on that path, channeling the power of your mind, you will eventually be a success. Stay unbroken; be the best.
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  • Bello71 A dire need to unlock the lazy-mindedness of our youths in Nigeria.

    Reply May 23, 2018 5:05:57 AM