understanding god's mercy
By Victor Ehighaleh

About this book

Understanding God's Mercy is a book based on revelation knowledge. It demystifies the mystery of God's mercy and gives a clear understanding of the reasons behind the mercy of God and its purpose. The book is highly interactive and has suitable questions at the end of each chapter that will enable you rate your understanding of the chapter. The book is divided into three parts that are further divided into nineteen chapters. The three parts deal with the dispensation of God's mercy in the Old Testament era, that is, the Beginning; the dispensation of God's mercy during Jesus' ministry, and the dispensation of God's mercy in the Apostles' ministry. The book x-ray the role of God's mercy in the three dispensations and give reasons and purpose behind God's action. It also highlights the qualities that attract the mercy of God upon our lives and bring us to the fullness of dwelling in the overflowing presence of His Mercy. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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