understanding the best kind of life
By Favour Adewoyin

About this book

This book says the best kind of life is to live to please God. When the way of a man pleases God, He will make his enemy to be at peace with him (Pro.16.7). There are many ways to please God. Faith pleases God. Praise please God. Obedience pleases God. Being in God’s will pleases God. Having reverence for Him pleases God. To behave wisely pleases God. To exhibit courage pleases God. But, none of the above things that please God is possible when one is outside His Kingdom. Therefore, the best kind of life anyone can live to please God is to become a kingdom citizen. A kingdom citizen is a son and a daughter of God. Before we can become either a son or a daughter, one must first become a child. One must become born-again. So, the best kind of life starts with new birth (Jn.3.1-8, 2 Cor.5.17). Another kind of life that pleases God is like the first one. It is to go about reconciling the lost souls back to the Kingdom of God. All men have sinned against God (rom.3.23). And the wages of sin is death (Rom.6.23). Death met its solution in the Blood of God’s Son that was shed at Calvary because, without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin (Heb.9.22). Now that the platform has been created by Christ through His Blood, we must do all to show the sinners the way back to God, their Maker. Jesus is the way and there is no other way back to the Father except through Jesus (Jn.14.6). This is the believers’ ministry. We are all in the ministry of reconciliation (2Cor.5.17-20). We are to go out and win souls (Mt.28.18-20, Mk.16.15-20, acts.1.8) and this is another best kind of life we can live. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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