virgin super model tried to save her teen save yours if you can
By Uju Christy Okoye

About this book

Belle celibacy Super model beautiful and intelligent down to earth tried to console her sis, She`s determine, with the support of her fiancé Evans belle can conquer the world. She`s ready to do anything to save her sis from heart-break, betrayal from her boyfriend Max, belle was willing and ready to do all it takes to save her sis who is her best friend. By the looks of things she might have slim chance. Mercy lively teen very clever ambitious fun and cheerful! Her dream and wish is to become a medical doctor in the college. Suddenly she experienced more than she bargain for, she wondered where to go from here? She was in a deep mess and totally devastated. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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