walk of shame
By Stephanie Egberike

About this book

Grace micheals is a new transfer form the University of Lagos to Port harcourt. She is your average goody-two-shoes girl, down to earth, humble and raised in the confines of a christian home. An only child and her dream to hide herself in her world of writing. She hated to move constantly and hoped moving to port harcourt to continue her schooling was the last. Anthony" the handsome " as he is fondly called, is a playboy. The Dean's Son and every girl's dream. He never really cared about a girl's feelings, and never believed in caring for a girl. Not untill Grace walked into class leaving him breathless and intrigued. Queen Vee " Victoria". Her obsession for Anthony makes her do vile things. She wanted his love and attention and she breaks the hearts of those who gains his or longs for him alongside her... and Grace micheals was no option..especially when she saw him staring at her with interest.. Victoria likes to play with fire. She rules, dominated and always gets what she wants ... even if it means making Grace life miserable .. and she doesn't care the lenght she has to go to. Anthony belongs to her and her alone. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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