wedding gown
By Prudence Onaah

Wedding Gown

In Wedding Gown and other short Plays, Rose a soon to be bride insists on getting her own expensive wedding gown instead of the rented one she had agreed to earlier. With less than a day to the wedding, her fiance, Kingsley is left confused and resorted to getting the exact gown Rose wants under false pretences. In My Orange Trees, Francis and two of his stepbrothers unleashed havoc when they decided to punish their uncle for planting an orange garden on the way to their school and not allowing them pluck any. In April Fool, Onahi falls for the April Fool scheme of her in law as she is led to believe her father was dead and consequently walked several miles to her village and back to her husband's village for nothing. Laugh out your ribs with this delightful book.

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