wellington street
By Tunde Ososanya

About this book

There is nothing Wale wants more than to please his father who peddles in marijuana and crack, and who insists that Wale takes over the family business from him just as he did from Wale’s grandfather. But Wale has bigger dreams than settling for such an illicit trade that has been his grandfather’s legacy. He tries acquiring education, but he soon realises that education isn’t for him – his father was right after all that he was wasting his time pursuing useless education. His best friend with whom he lives on Wellington Street – one of the most notorious streets in Lagos – will be instrumental in deciding what he wants to become. In October of 2017, Wellington Street was selected by the judges of Ecuador-Nigeria Young Writers Short Story Contest as the first in the top five short stories. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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