what's that in your hand?
By Ukot Umezinne

About this book

What do you have in your hand? Have you ever wondered what skills you have or what talents you possess? I know I have multiple times. It is so easy to feel like we don't have anything reasonable to offer or any valuable ideas to develop. This is why I have written this book: What's that in your hand? In this e-book, I share my personal experiences going through self-doubt and feeling like I was stuck and nothing was going my way. But rather than looking at society or hoping for someone else to come to my rescue, I looked inwards to analyze my own talent, skill and truly discover what I had in my hand to offer the world, to add value to my society. The e-book teaches you how to find, use, and maximize what you already have but may not be aware of to turn your finances around. It is practical and infused with my personal struggles and stories of all the times I identified what I had in my hand that could be of use to others and solves real problems for them. Are you ready to discover what you have in your hands? Get your copy now. You can also join the Create Challenge where I share further insights based on the book : Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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