when marriage becomes lawsuit
By Stella Chukwuma

About this book

When marriage becomes lawsuit serves as a legal guide on marriage for singles and married. Contains discussion on types of marriages and the most beneficial type of marriage you should celebrate. Gives you knowledge on the person the law prohibits you from getting married to. Provides you with insight on how to know if the marriage you are in right now is legal or not. When marriage becomes also lawsuit talks on the validity of your marriage celebrated abroad. Below are other contents of this book: Knowing your right on how to celebrate your marriage anywhere of your choice without going to church or marriage registrar's marriage. How to celebrate a marriage that will be valid in the eyes of the law in another country that's not your country. Knowledge on the legal requirements you need to know to avoid divorce. Necessary things you need to prove to the court if you want divorce. How to make your spouse divorce petition to be dismissed in court Divorce procedures and rules applicable. Knowledge on the reasons men don't always win custody of children's in divorce cases. Necessary steps to take if you want to win custody of your child as father or mother. Property settlement of divorced parties. How property is shared among the divorce parties. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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