where there is no government
By Musa Peter Omale

About this book

The world you find yourself in is not ideal. Your government and society alike seem to be in a two horse race to see who self-destructs the quickest. But these aren't reasons enough to prevent you, the individual from being successful. Because while everybody else is concentrating solely on external courses of action, what the government is doing or isn't doing, you are focusing your efforts internally, towards maximising your functioning and affording yourself the best quality of life that you desire. And this is what sets you apart, gets you respected, valued, admired and promoted while you stay ahead of the game called Life "Where There's No Government" is a definitive code for personal success. It is an eye-opener for those who would like to rise to the top regardless of the state of things in the society in which they find themselves. This book lays out the pathway. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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