while i wait - an honourable singlehood into a blissful marriage
By Toochi Praise Ikechukwu

About this book

Waiting! We wait at the bank to withdraw or deposit money. We wait at grocery stores to pick items or to pay for items. We wait at the hospital to be attended to by medical practitioners. We wait at the airport to be checked in or for a delayed flight. Waiting is part of life. Waiting is a word most people detest, hence wouldn't even want to hear, especially children. They want whatever they want now or never. Howbeit, we still wait. You wait for several years doing academic work before you can be awarded an academic certificate. This book is aimed at helping young people who are yet to marry, understand that they are not wasting but are in a making process, waiting for a blissful marriage. It is about purposeful living as they wait for marriage. What you do while waiting for something matters a lot. What are you supposed to be doing while journeying towards your marriage? Marriage is not a destination, it is a journey. There is life after the wedding day. What you did before your wedding goes a long way to determine what happens after the wedding day. Life is in stages. No day of your life is worth wasting, likewise no stage of your life. You cannot jump any step in the stages of life and get away with it. You would be setting yourself up for a possible setback and destiny crash. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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