who or what is god? a metaphysical treatise
By Charles Ojochide Vincent

About this book

This groundbreaking book by Charles Ojochide Vincent (Chaojovin) discusses, from a nondenominational Universalist perspective, the supreme metaphysical reality THAT is commonly called "God", in the aspects of "ITSELF" as the ONE original impersonal unmanifest primordial Source of Consciousness, of all life-currents and interdimensional and multidimensional energies, beings and things; of "ITSELF" as "HIMSELF" (the First and the ONE Universal "FATHER" or "seed-giver" of all manifest realities and of all creating things or beings in multitudinous and multifarious forms); and of "ITSELF" as "HERSELF" (the First and the ONE Universal "MOTHER" or "form-and-growth-giver" to the seeds of reality creation and manifestation of the ONE Universal "FATHER" in multitudinous and multifarious forms). This book also discusses "God" in the aspects of ITS being as THE ONE (the Sole Ultimate Primordial Spirit Essence of all things that be); THE TWO (the Universal "FATHER" and the Universal "MOTHER", creating as ONE all that becomes manifest reality from the point of the eternal dimensionless unmanifest reality of "ITSELF"); THE THREE (the God-Trinity of FATHER, MOTHER and the firstborn "SON", the CHRIST); THE SEVEN; THE MANY and THE ALL, and in the aspect of being the "I AM" within you — GOD "ITSELF" as "YOU", as your realest, original and highest SELF the I AM that you really are in your core aspects of being. This book also shows you that "God" is as real (or as unreal) as your own thoughts are to yourself and to others too. Major spiritual cum metaphysical subjects covered in this book include: the personality versions of God in manifestation, the Creatorship of God, the Oneness of God, the Omnipresence of God, the Omniscience of God, the Universal Body of God, the gender of God, the "origin" of God (where GOD came from), "Gods" and "Goddesses", "angels" and "demons", common misconceptions about "God", how to know and experience "God" directly, the one true religion that leads to supreme God-realization, amongst others. This book is for everyone, whether or not you are by persuasion a theist, an atheist or an agnostic; whether or not you are by creed and confession a "Christian", a "Muslim", a "Jew", a "Hindu", a "Buddhist", or you are just a "spiritual but not religious" person — whoever and whatever you are that reads, this book is for you. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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