wine press
By Yomi Hassan

About this book

Looking back to the years spent in direct training under the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, through daily deep fellowship, intimacy with the Holy Spirit and learning from Great Men in Christ who has walked the earth with results, I can boldly say that the way to GREATNESS IN GOD is not cheap.Many start but did not finish. Others got close to the finishing line and then gave up. The devil, our adversary kept working tirelessly day and night to get us out of track so we can miss our way. This book is for every believer who does not just want to add to the number in a church but want to strive to do the WILL of the master and have their names written bold in the book of kingdom generals in years to come.God has not changed his methods of making Men. He is never in a hurry to quickly train a few through a crash program and throw them to the streets. For every general you read about today, God takes quality time in making them. There is a place of choice, the place of separation and isolation and then the WINE PRESS. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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