wings of the night sky
By Jessica Tagbajumi

About this book

Wings of The Night Sky is an adventure fantasy story. When Omiete answers the call that takes her on a journey to the magical Kingdom of Aondo, she is faced with a new reality and purpose - to rescue the Guardian of the Keepers who protect the Kingdom in the sky and ultimately defeat the evil Dadan and his horde of shetani who constantly threaten to plunge it and the real world into darkness. Omiete is faced with mind-chilling vampire creatures, cunning spiders and soul-sucking mbala. As she unites with the Keepers and her animal guide, she learns she must master her guide and her ehi to defeat the darkness. Most of all, she must tackle self-doubt and crippling fear. Omiete finds friendship and innocent love in the chaos. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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