with this ring
By Taiwo Iredele Odubiyi

About this book

A single mother in her forties, Ibie James, wanted a certain kind of man to marry: good and godly, but where was he and how could she get him when there were many much younger ladies also single and searching? She believed in miracles but could it happen in her case? Femi Crowther, a widower with two teenagers, hadn't enjoyed his first marriage but being a pastor, he hid that fact well from people. Determined to get it right this time, he was looking for a good woman, not necessarily for children but companionship. Albert Asika, a journalist, went to church when he had time but he didn't care much about living a good and godly life. He followed his will and pleased himself until he found himself in a situation he did not bargain for. Whose way would help him: his or God's? Heady and stubborn Grace Adejoh ignored the voice of reason and started a relationship with a man knowing fully well that she might be playing with fire. She soon discovered that fire could burn. Who would quench the fire? ********** Learn about the mercy of God, the importance of choosing the right partner, and that there is hope for you, in this suspense-filled and heart-warming romance novel With This Ring Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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