yemowei: a land forgotten
By Elsie O. Dennis

About this book

This book tells the story of Yemowei, a fictional village in the creeks of the Niger Delta. Yemowei is a village of strategic importance to the Federal Government and when it is threatened by the activities of militants, the government sends in an elite unit to protect the place and its people. Unfortunately, the squad is no match for the militants who are fighting in their own territory and they are forced to flee further into the creeks for survival. Lost, sick and hungry in the creeks of the delta, they rely for help on the very people they have come to fight. In the process, they see the land for what it truly is – a land blessed by God and abused by man. 'Yemowei' is the story of the Niger Delta, like you have never heard it before. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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