you are the nigerian dream
By Alex Adekunle James

About this book

"You are the Nigerian Dream" is a heartfelt letter to you aimed at rallying Nigerian youths around a collective goal of Value System Reform, which is the springboard for sustainable development. In addition to the well researched and thought-out knowledge this book provides, it also features the stories of young Nigerians who have demonstrated integrity in the face of temptation. I initiated the #MyNigerianDreamChallenge and #MyPatrioticStoryChallenge to compile inspiring stories of exemplary acts of integrity and the remarkable feedback has been added to this book. This masterpiece shows you how you can spark the long-desired transformation in Nigeria by laying the foundation of a value system and setting the building blocks one after the other. Alex James in this book presents strategies employed by United States, Singapore, Dubai and India to rally their nations around their national dreams, leaving us with a framework to show that these strategies can be adapted by you and me to produce results in Nigeria within a couple of years. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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