zero to ten rate yourself
By Toju Oluwatoyinbo

About this book

Many ladies are heartbroken as they whine in regret and try to cope with the frustrations that are associated with failed relationships. What makes this more painful is that the stress they endure often stems from avoidable mistakes. Often enough, ladies think that the more relationships they have been in, the better they might understand how relationships work. This is not necessarily the case and may in fact be the absolute opposite. Serial dating doesn't translate into wisdom for a great relationship. If certain dynamics of relationships are not understood, the ride ahead will most likely be long and rough, resulting in a misconstrued perception of love and relationships. 'Zero to Ten Rate Yourself' (10 reasons you might be wrong about 'Mr.Right', reveals some of the most common mistakes ladies make with regard to romantic relationships and how you can avoid them. It is a practical, very relatable and conversational guide which will help you overcome the hurt and shame from cycles of broken relationships, retrace your steps where necessary and make better relationship decisions. While this book is generally female inclined, it's really for women and the men who love them...(or who want to love them but don't know how). Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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