17 Awosika

17 awosika

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Meet and follow the life of the occupants of a house in Lagos, everyday dormant people who live double lives that their spouse doesn't know about. BK, a spoilt trust-fund kid who coincidentally sees thing he isn't supposed to see. The drama of a kidnap that happened in Bariga that triggered the seats of Power in Abuja that leads to politics on an international scale, espionage, soldiers of fortune. Deolu Oniranu, the author is an amateur writer/blogger,enjoy his attempt at short story writing...

Kate's Diary

kate's diary

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Kate was chosen, She didn't know. she couldn't, it was her mother's mistakes it made it so so she couldn't know. Misfortune clogged her path as a result, result of her mother's mistakes. She walked a dreaded path daily, but her mother's mistakes kept her alive. Kate's Diary tell these tales....



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This book is a continuation of the Global Runs Book Series 2 "The Shadow Chase." Find and read the book 2 before you can follow the series properly This book is a comprehensive coverage of the lives of illegal African immigrants in Amsterdam. It covers everything from the kinds of work they do, the kind of discrimination they witness daily and more. This Book continues on Global Runs Season 4: THE DEVILS OF EUROPE. You can search for it here or read it on my website You can reach the Author on Whatsapp through +8613544479311...

Kukuma Kill Me (#CampusChallenge)

kukuma kill me (#campuschallenge)

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Name: Derrick Chidumebi Iwuoma School: Olabisi Onabanjo University Level: 400 Level Story’s Word Count: 4,170 Title: Kukuma Kill Me (#CampusChallenge) Genre: Adventure Synopsis Life in No Sorrow House was a living hell for Eket who moved into the beautiful city of Lagos about a year ago in search of a job. Unfortunately, reality has dealt him a worse fate than his expectations. Waking up to deal with Mike the notorious troublemaker should have given Eket enough hint that no one starts a good day without first going down on their knees to pray. On a day when he is to attend his oral interview, he has to cope with the embarrassment he causes Mama Sade and also fight the war against Mama Asabe’s hen, cope with a lying preacher and a judge of a passenger, His hopes and expectations eventually get bashed at the job interview where he meets half a thousand of his kind awaiting the same thing. After waiting for hours they are all dismissed by one of the directors who ensure the soldiers restore memories of the average Nigerian home training back to the aggrieved youths of whom Eket falls a victim. Weary, he falls asleep in a public bus on his way home and he has his phone stolen only for him to get home to find power officials threatening to disconnect power supply. All ends with Tunji, the Landlord’s son comes to remind him of the NEPA bill. ...

Not a Child's Play

not a child's play

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In the mid 90's in dictatorship oppressed Nigeria, Idris Mudaba is being framed for what is the deadliest crime of the time, the regime wants him dead -no one can save him but......

Diary of a Wraith

diary of a wraith

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See the dawn of a Zombie apocalypse in the idle Benin City. Patient zero has just unleashed a great plague upon the world and now must survive in the newest world order....

Consigned to Death (Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries)

consigned to death (josie prescott antiques mysteries)

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After a price-fixing scandal at her prestigious New York auction house, Josie Prescott moves to the New Hampshire coast to restore her reputation--and perhaps a few antiques along the way. As an antiques dealer, Josie knows how to make an honest assessment, and she's about to land her largest account. But when the owner of the collection is found stabbed to death, Josie's fingerprints are all over his possessions…and the murder weapon. Suddenly Josie's innocence appears as tarnished as an old relic. Everybody's got their eyes on her, especially the local police chief who may or may not be in love with her. Now it's just a matter of time before Josie can produce enough evidence to clear her name--or fall into the clutches of the real killer and find herself CONSIGNED TO DEATH...

The Invisible City

the invisible city

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In a world that is governed under the edicts of the supernatural, is the story of Marisa Gabriel, a freckled face European with no belief, whatsoever, of things that are out of the ordinary, and Akpede Oreva, a Southern Nigerian, known for her endless curiosity and zeal for the extraordinary. Brought-up in different cultural settings, the juveniles are exposed to the reality of a mystical realm and are initiated into its utopian society, Eden. Eden stands as the birth place of all supernatural beings, the inception of magic, diabolism and evil principalities, the direct route to heaven’s aid and the shining model of a world before the fall of man. Gabriel’s admission into Eden triggers a series of nightmares and the fulfilment of a dark sorcerer’s prophecy. He is caught in the midst of finding a solution to his teething troubles and preventing the apocalyptic transcendental war. Relatively, Oreva is jammed in the revelation of her entwined odyssey with Gabriel as they trod the darkest parts of Eden. CRUSADERS: THE INVISIBLE CITY is an adventure novel that attempts to successfully blend the African and Western culture to a balance. It is suited for young adults, and tells more than just a single story of the Supernatural....

The Prostitute's Bible

the prostitute's bible

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My name is Maria James. I was born in Nigeria but relocated to Italy when I was just 18. The purpose for my travel was not what I met when I got to Italy and as a result, I turned to prostitution, the only available work for teenage illegal immigrants. This book is a story of a teenage Nigerian girl who was forced into prostitution in Italy. This is a continuation of the book "Journey to Nowhere" Which can also be downloaded here. Scroll right on the menubar and locate "Global Runs." All our books can be downloaded there. Before you read this book, Download Book 1 (JOURNEY TO NOWHERE) You can reach the Author on Whatsapp through +8613544479311...