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How Laziness Saved My Life (Preview)

how laziness saved my life (preview)

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How Laziness Saved My Life is Okechukwu Ofili’s Latest book on Entrepreneurship and Business. This is not your regular business book written by an MBA student and filled with dramatic case studies and business theories. Rather it is an accidental business book, filled with crazy and sometimes hilarious stories that often contain powerful and endearing business lessons. Review HOW LAZINESS SAVED MY LIFE is a must read for Managers and Business Leaders! Get a copy for your boss and one for your s that good! --Okechukwu Ofili Grabs you from the first page and never lets you go...until you are done. --Okechukwu Ofili The book is so intelligently written and wickedly funny, it is as if I wrote it myself. --Okechukwu Ofili Grabs you from the first page and never lets you go...until you are done. --Okechukwu Ofili The book is so intelligently written and wickedly funny, it is as if I wrote it myself. --Okechukwu Ofili...

Confessions of the Rat Race

confessions of the rat race

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A critical look at the subject of the Rat Race, unveiling an uncommon truth about why most people will spend most of their lives working hard for money to meet their needs or wants while failing to pursue their dreams and purpose. The book explains how misconceptions about work, job, wants and money is largely responsible for most people's enslavement in the Rat Race....

SOCIAL MEDIA GURU: How to make money on Facebook and Twitter

social media guru: how to make money on facebook and twitter

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Social media engagement is a serious business. This simple and well detailed book explains how you can benefit from the various social channels. If you are thinking of how to make money online, this book has been written for you....

How to Write a Perfect Business Proposal/Letter

how to write a perfect business proposal/letter

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Good communication in business can make a huge difference in how you're perceived. Whether you're writing a formal proposal in letter form or just a business letter, using proper formatting and explaining your ideas clearly and succinctly will ensure that your audience understands your ideas and increase their likelihood of viewing them favorably. Written by David E. (CEO of

The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to be One

the go-getter: a story that tells you how to be one

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The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to be One by Kyne, Peter B. (Peter Bernard)...


the 30 laws of money

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The 30 Laws of Money is a collection of tried, tested and proven Laws that govern the acquisition of money. The Book is hereby presented as an effective tool for the acquisition of prosperity consciousness that empowers the individual to access any form of material wealth he may desire. The reward for compliance is prosperity. The penalty for violating the Laws is poverty. It is especially valuable when a matriculation from poverty to prosperity is intensely sought. It is written in a baby step approach, for beginners, and for all who want to escape from financial woes. This book has enjoyed a series of successful trials. It has been used as a course of study, for three consecutive years, as a leading program for ambitious entrepreneurs who attend monthly seminars and as a training manual for small business people, it served as a catalyst for accelerated business growth. A test study of the effectiveness of the 30 Laws of Money has also been carried out among three sets of young college graduates and the results were positive and encouraging. It is recommended that you read a Law a day for the next 30 days, in order to achieve maximum results. It takes gradual, daily, unrelenting reading and contemplation for periods beyond twenty one days to accomplish a paradigm change. If you will conduct the 30 days reading, and follow through on the recommendations as suggested, and you repeat this process every month for twelve months, your prosperity will be ensured....

Increasing Human Efficiency in Business, a contribution to the psychology of business

increasing human efficiency in business, a contribution to the psychology of business

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Increasing Human Efficiency in Business, a contribution to the psychology of business by Scott, Walter Dill...

Central Bank Of Nigeria Act (2007) - #Ofilispeaks

central bank of nigeria act (2007) - #ofilispeaks

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CENTRAL BANK OF NIGEIA ACT, 2007 An Act to repeal the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1991 and to re-enact the Central Bank of Nigeria Act; and for related matters...

International Finance

international finance

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International Finance by Withers, Hartley...

Internet Marketing Guru Pack

internet marketing guru pack

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A detailed ebook on the A-Z topics and active links of the key tools needed to succeed in Internet Marketing business. It provides users with links that will lead them to necessary tools used by those regarded as internet marketing gurus or masters. With this ebook, you too can become an internet marketing guru and explore avenues of making money on the internet. Some of the useful links that this book will expose you to dwell on key areas: smartphones apps and games Mobile sms and Text Services Buy and Sell Domains, text links, Blog posts Monitize and advertise on twitter Get best online payment service for local and international transactions Marketing and Autoresponders Email solo Ads banners for your product and services Get links to Crowd funding to raise unlimited fund for your projects Forum and Domain Forums Free and unlimited Article service for your blog Banners and Classified Ads Website Traffic Monitor Privacy Policy and disclaimer Generators Create video Ads on Youtube Social Advertising and Bookmarking Services arrow ...and many more useful areas...

Marketing In Africa

marketing in africa

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Marketing In Africa by Lampe Omoyele is one book that gives clear insights, based on research and personal experience/achievements, of the major things large scale, medium scale, and low scale business owners need to know about marketing success in Africa. Every Entrepreneur or soon-to-be entrepreneur, know that without understanding consumer traits, marketing becomes a failure. This is one book you cannot skip if you want your business to succeed. Please ignore the word count above. This book actually contains more....