The Might of Guardian Prime #1

the might of guardian prime #1

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The very First Issue of the Digital Comic featuring a super-powered Nigerian Hero bestowed with the powers to become a Guardian for Nigeria. A Web-Comic by COMIC REPUBLIC Art by: Jide Martin Colors by: Micheal Balogun Story by: Jide Martin and Ozo Ezeogu...



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FINALLY MISFIT IS HERE! Misfit is an indigenous comic focusing on the lives of controversial characters living in thepost-military era of Nigeria. Please send your suggestions, complaints, observations to They would be randomly published on the next regular participation entitles you to stand a chance of winning merchandise as we progress. Like our page on facebook , facebook/AWONDA ..follow me on twitter.. @collydeP ..instagram.. collyde prime Remember we have no comic code in the Nigeria. Something like that is in the works. So for now I took the initiative of rating it as matured in other to protect the brand from accusations of promoting violence..we are here to tell stories not mislead kids..See you again! Read ENJOY!...

Ireti Bidemi Vol. 1, Chapter 1

ireti bidemi vol. 1, chapter 1

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Many years ago, after the fall of the Mighty Warrior, Ireti Moremi to her arch nemesis, a girl named Bidemi has surfaced. Possessing similar powers, Bidemi is an Undergraduate student of the Archeology Department, Ibadan University and a budding Crime Fighting Superhero. Although the true nature and source of her powers remain shrouded in mystery, she has adopted the name “Ireti” and employs her superhuman abilities to defend the innocent and fight for the greater good. This is the beginning of Ireti Bidemi. ...

Hero Generation: #1

hero generation: #1

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Hero Generation: #1 After an asteroid attempts to destroy Lagos city (*see Guardian Prime #3), our heroes THE EXTREMES come out of hiding to save the city. Building have been set ablaze and lives are endangered. Can these underground heroes save everybody? A Web-Comic by COMIC REPUBLIC Jide Martin Tobe Ezeogu Ozo Ezeogu Michael Balogun...

Moon Dust

moon dust

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Kazeem Oladapo, a student of the University of Lagos from an affluent family had a lab accident while he was a student in the United States. He soon notices strange developments about himself after he takes a bullet for his friend (Emeka) who got involved in a face off with a student cultist. Kaz, as his friends call him, heals completely in less than a week and his whole life takes a brand new turn following other discoveries...see what happens next......

Avonome:The Realm Within #1

avonome:the realm within #1

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Avonome:The Realm Within #1 The Fist Issue of the Digital Comic featuring a Gifted Girl bestowed with the ability to see spirits... A Web-Comic by COMIC REPUBLIC MR XAVIER STANLEY OBANDE ETUBI ONUCHEYO...

Iron Man #003

iron man #003

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Marvel Adventures - Iron Man #003...

Agbara #1 - Fallen Angel

agbara #1 - fallen angel

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Agbara #1: Fallen Angel A battle between Angels and Demons is raging in the celestial realm, Agatha an angel has fallen from grace down to eastern Nigerian, where she is found by a Spirit worshiper and his daughter, little do they know they are being watched and followed leading to a series of even deeper spiritual events. Enjoy the color of the Igbo culture and interplay between the Spiritual and physical realms. Creative Team: Chima Kalu, Kelly Kalu, Somto Ajuluchukwu, Alade Nathan Olatunji All rights reserved to Vortex, Inc. 2016...

Black Raven

black raven

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The comic book you are holding now is the second title from Stallion Comics titled BlackRaven. THis is of course the first issue. BLACKRAVEN is aimed at appealing to both sexes, male and feamle. In Nigeria and mostof the world in general, comics are viewed as a "boy thing." This title is here to tear down that illusion....



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A Digital Comic featuring a Gifted Girl. A Web-Comic by COMIC REPUBLIC Wale Awelenje Jide Martin Tobe "Max" Ezeogu ...



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The Prophecy a comic by Epoch...