Beauty Personified

beauty personified

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Beauty Personified is a drama set in the heart of Lagos. It is a drama that speaks on betrayal, materialism, love and of course, Beauty. ...



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Adaigwe is a story of a young beautiful princess who was betrothed to a rich guy from America but falls in love with a poor hunter who is also betrothed to her best friend EBERE. How would Ebere react when she finds out that her best friend is in love with her btrothed? Will her father the king accept the poor hunter as his son in-law and future heir to the throne? ...

Roommates - Complete Season 2

roommates - complete season 2

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Find out which of the roommates that failed to make it out of the deadly triangle alive... A DNB Stories Original Creation....

Who Will Bail Us Out?

who will bail us out?

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When Papa Edu, an experienced banker and the head of Okafor family knowingly helps a customer to obtain a loan in his bank where he works by standing in as the customer's guarantor, he thought he was doing himself and his family a lot of favor from the deal. Problem started when the customer disappeared into thin air with the money leaving Papa Edu completely devastated and in a deep financial crisis which he desperately tried to shake off but failed. With no hope in sight, he turned to his family for their support during the trying times which they willingly gave him. But when they stumbled upon his unholy allegiance with a mysterious woman, they had a rethink and began to question his motives. Was he was actually involved in a financial mess or was he just looking for the perfect excuse to pave way for him to marry the mystery woman whom they suspected to be his secret mistress? Strife, angst, suspicions, accusation and desperate counter maneuvers followed suit and in a desperate and hasty move to protect themselves from an impending future full of uncertainty, all the members of his family started to make their own plans in readiness to counter whatever ill-conceived plans their father had for them. When the identity of the woman who has been at the center of the whole crisis was finally revealed, the whole picture became clear as everybody discovered how dangerously close they came to destroying the whole family—in one moment of madness!...

SQUADI: The Originals

squadi: the originals

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Desperate to get his inheritance four years early, Hakeem Rasaq with the help of his friends, decide to scam his wealthy father. However, the most unexpected twist happens and their lives will never remain the same after it....

Strength of a Woman

strength of a woman

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Laraba is a gorgeously shaped bossy girl in her early teens, with developed bodily curves beyond her tender age and a beautiful smile on an ugly face. Her nose is an extension of her forehead and her large ears are too visible from the front that they appear to be on her thin cheeks. She is the third child of four daughters, with a single brother belatedly bringing the rear of five siblings. Born on a Wednesday and unofficially named after the day she came into the world, like it is fashionable with Hausa speaking people. With her stunning figure and wise ways, she is a handful, riding on the immature silliness of her companions, who mainly fumbled around her in their naïve good natured mannerisms, terrified of what she represents to them as a friendly bully. Laraba's choices seemed neither less nor more than is required to concurrently free her feminine worries of their plight of emotional suppression. This is her story of overcoming this plight, represented in her case by her six year old brother, a man like all men. Like her sisters, she lost the urge to kneel and gaze into the mind of God and plead her case. It seemed rather odd to obtain some slack from the same deity that scripturally put them in their situation as eternal subordinates to men. This is a tale of juvenile delinquency with a mature outlook, as it captures the feel of this ruse. PLEASE RATE THIS BOOK...


for the life of me 1

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Adaeze, the rich vice president of Walkans oil finds herself in a web of romance, blackmail and revenge. How would she get out of this and get the culprits to pay?...

Love for Love: a Comedy

love for love: a comedy

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Love for Love: a Comedy by Congreve, William...

The Old Woman's Maid

the old woman's maid

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Mainly the narration of the maid of an ailed old woman, telling how the feeble old woman made her way through life with little help, starting rather late but managed on her own. The maid tells the story as a privileged listener eavesdrops, and it is this disguised listener's narration of the maid's story, combined with his own personal experiences, that makes up the multiple narrations. It reads like a series of interwoven short stories, with a relationship that indefinitely unfolds into one conundrum of life's complexities and thrill of its continuous struggles. Stories are teachers, they are molded to have an impact on lives. They register morals that impart on character and norms. If they give off a trace of the forbidden in fair light, then culture and its future may suffer for it. The old woman's tale brings to fore this subtle living cruelty. The narration touches on the pretense in religious probity and tells of the travails of a majority of women. It is a tale that comfortably touches on the controversy in proper romance, when convenience is substituted for affection purely because it is deemed proper. It tells of the cumbersome disguise of the chauvinistic African custom amidst these unstable and unchanging times, as people seek for what is their idea of heaven. But most of all, it is loosely the story of man's failed stewardship as the perpetual maid of the ailing old woman his planet of permanent residence, truly is. PLEASE RATE THIS BOOK...

Who's to Blame?

who's to blame?

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Who's to blame is the story of Ogbuogu and his wife Obiageli. Obiageli does not consent to Ogbuogu's friendship with Mazi Ifeanyi, and Ogbuogu's paths do not cross with Ichie Ezeribe who has threatened to deal with him seriously. Subsequently, Ogbuogu begins to despise Obiageli. Who can she run to for help? certainly not Mazi Ifeanyi!...