The Struggling Virgin

the struggling virgin

17K reads

Torn between her faith and her love for her fiancee, Ronke, an undergraduate student decided to take a tough decision....

Memoirs Of A Lagos Playboy: Part I

memoirs of a lagos playboy: part i

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“Today, during my lunch break I ran into this pretty lady. She said her name was Christy. She was about 5’7′, slim and well proportioned in perfectly cut dark suit and matching pants…” There are the words that started out one of Nigeria’s most well written and addictive short stories series “Memoirs Of A Lagos Hustler” Find out what the hype is about and enter the tempting and explicit world of Malcolm…the Lagos Hustler!...

Fine Boys (Part 1)

fine boys (part 1)

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Warri, October 1992: Seething with idleness and nonchalance, sick of watching his parents fight, 16-year-old Ewaen is waiting for university to begin, waiting for something to happen. Months later, Ewaen and friends are finally enrolled as freshmen at the University of Benin. Their routine now consists of hanging out in a parking lot trading jibes, chasing girls and sex, and learning to manage the staff strikes and crumbling infrastructure. But Nigerian campuses in the 1990s can be dangerous places, too. Violent confraternities stake territories and stalk for new recruits. An incident of petty crime snowballs into tragedy... Fine Boys is Eghosa Imasuen’s second novel. In the witty, colloquial style fast becoming his trademark, Imasuen presents everyday Nigerian life against the backdrop of the pro-democracy riots of the 1980s and ‘90s, the lost hopes of June 12th, and the terror of the Abacha years. Indeed Fine Boys is a chronicle of not just a time in Nigeria, but its post-Biafran generation. ---- "With Fine Boys, Eghosa Imasuen proves himself to be a keen observer of Nigerian urban life. He has written an unflinching and witty book, difficult to resist, impossible to ignore. He imbues his energetic prose and compelling characters with candour, grace, and pidgin inventiveness. A writer to watch." —A. Igoni Barrett, author of From Caves of Rotten Teeth “In a society where memory is often repressed, Fine Boys is a robust reminder of a defining moment in our country’s life; with an unhurried yet teasing pace, Eghosa takes us back to a time of innocence and experience, fraternity and fragility and fickleness, of craziness; indeed, an authentic narrative of teenage high jinks and loss; serious and funny in turns, yet heartfelt on the whole.” — Uche Peter Umez, author of The Runaway Hero "In Fine Boys, Imasuen writes fearlessly and beautifully of friendship, love, loss, and betrayal. It is thought-provoking, perfectly paced, uniformly delightful, compassionate, full of humour but also heart-breaking. Eghosa Imasuen has remarkable gifts." --Chika Unigwe, author of The Phoenix "Fine Boys is the first African novel I know that takes us deep into the world of the children of IMF: those post-Berlin wall Africans, like myself, who came of age in the days of The Conditionalities, those imposed tools and policies that made our countries feral; the days that turned good people into beasts, the days that witnessed the great implosion and scattering of the middle classes of a whole continent. Fine Boys takes us deep into the lives of the notorious gangs that took over universities all over Nigeria in the 1990s and early this century. We saw our universities collapse, and we struggled to educate ourselves through very harsh times. It is a beautifully written novel, heartfelt, deeply knowledgeable, funny, a love story, a tragedy; an important book, a book of our times; a book for all Africans everywhere." --Binyavanga Wainaina, author of One Day I Will Write about This Place...

Silent Tears

silent tears

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She falls in love...she experiences tears...she tries to love...She struggles to RUN!...

Boarding Tales

boarding tales

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Abused as a child, Bosola finds it hard to rein in her sexual urges. With the opportunity of going to a boarding school which was morally depraved in every sense came the freedom to explore her decadence without limit. But for how long will this go on and what would Bosola's presence in this school mean for the students, teachers and even the owner of the school. ...


confessions of a kenyan uber taxi driver

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A short story about Daniel, a taxi driver based in Nairobi, Kenya, who lives a fairly normal life. On what started out as a typical day at work, he is subtly coerced into taking another trip even though it was late. One last cab ride on a chilly night and he will be done for the day, or so he thought... This is no ordinary passenger; there is a certain sharpness in his voice that instills fear. Is he a soldier? A criminal? Or worse...? This was the ride of Daniel's life. In a trip that seems like forever, Daniel's perspective on life is abruptly changed when he and the passenger have a very important conversation. *Rated Top Downloaded Book of May and June 2018 on OkadaBooks....

Burden Of Proof

burden of proof

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A rocket whistled over the head of the man lying in the thicket. All around him, there were the screams of the dead, the dying and the dazed. The MIG 17 bomber rushed in like a hawk swooping down on helpless chicks and delivered its payload. The explosions drowned every other cry and the man dug deeper into the trench he had dug. He had seen two of his comrades go down; one by machine gun bullets and the other’s head was clean taken off while he was running for cover by a huge piece of shrapnel. He knew that the end was inevitable but he vowed to take as many of those Nigerian bastards with him before he went...see what the fuss is all about...

Dear Future Husband

dear future husband

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Enter the everyday lives of three young beautiful ladies as they go through life and find love in the strangest of ways....

Memoirs Of A Lagos Playboy: Part IV

memoirs of a lagos playboy: part iv

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The day of reckoning was here. It was a special day for her; her birthday. She had called me out of the blue after almost two weeks of no communication. I was beginning to think she had seen the light and had relented in her devious plot to overthrow Christy as number one in my life. Her call was sweet, brief and curt. I pictured her face as she spoke; the smirk of victory as she dictated what she expected of me now we were “officially” dating. The confidence with which she spoke was more infuriating than it was amusing. To me, it was now a dangerous game; a game where all was at stake and the winner had all to take. The difference was that now, I had a plan... What plan? Find out in Part IV of the Lagos Playboy......


not so happily married

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A marriage that should never been. Masks no one could see through. Unbridled tears,unbridled passions,a seemingly endless love,seemingly endless troubles. Omoboye and Kite's story will make your heart race,your eyes water and change everything you know about marriage. ...

For Days and A Night

for days and a night

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For Days and A Night’ is a 54-page short story collection written and self-published by Seun Odukoya, an award-winning author. Designed carefully with art and graphics to enhance the reading experience, the book contains fourteen stories, five skits (yes; SKITS), a poem and a couple of other things not usually found in a book. It was released online on the 17th of December 2012, and has since been receiving several accolades and enjoying strong positive views and criticisms. It is a memorable read....


the man i married

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Abbey.... Her love at first sight. He gives her butterflies in her belly. He is the perfect man. Toba....Her first love. Long lost love of the past. He is back for good. Their love is explosive. Who is Tammy's future?...