What did you wear

what did you wear

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What did you wear? Sometimes when I sit to write a piece, I noticed that there are particular ones that are always like life is getting out of me into the letters. I experienced that again when writing *"what did you wear?"* and I hope as you click the link to read, the life will get to you. OMAA...

Cobwebs from an Empty Skull

cobwebs from an empty skull

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Cobwebs from an Empty Skull by Bierce, Ambrose...

The two hours journey [PREVIEW]

the two hours journey [preview]

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The two hours journey is a hell of laughter... Typical description of Lagos... Danfo conductors can be a pain in the ass! Go ahead and laugh. ...

Deadliest Encounter

deadliest encounter

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Duke has a lot to regret if he recovers for accepting to follow Clement....

Built On Lies

built on lies

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Mr Charles, a rich business man trying to be the better man he could for his family, but the challenges surrounding him placed him in a corner that no man would want to be. Would he be able to face the challenges or try to escape from them?...

Just like me

just like me

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Kamsi a struggling young graduate sells beside the road in the high brow area in Victoria Island, she needs to make ends meet as her husband’s salary is not enough to cater for them and their new baby. The Taskforce guys are only doing their jobs. An entertaining story of the clash of poverty with duty. ...

Married to Victor Stephen

married to victor stephen

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"High school sweethearts" Victor- I think the perfection of marriage is that, it's not perfect. Suzy- And you have to weather many storms together. Suzy finally got married to her high school sweetheart, Victor Stephen. He was everything a girl would ever wanted as a husband. But in every marriage, there is a challenge, and most couples don't suffer such a traumatic, and bumpy road. Unending laughter awaits you, as you have fun, and at the same learn from every chapter. Please enjoy....

Happy Clark: Prose & Poems

happy clark: prose & poems

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Reviews: Happyclark is a perfect rhetoric. Happyclark is a subtle play on words, it captures and strings subtle themes into one grandiose thing called poetry. Happyclark is submitting as well as a revolting piece of poetry. Happyclark is rivetingly unique. It takes a god eye view of perspective. Happyclark is prose poetry done with an entrancing voice. Happyclark is everyday life of a one-sided lover There are no replies to the one thousands questions asked, expect a reply in two. Happyclark challenges the mind of a reader who becomes an observer as each chapter unfolds. Happyclark is a concept of parallel conversation, set into poetic language. There's a back and forth unending conversation and it has a way it trills the reader. about the author chronicler is a new generation African poet, very curious and really shaking up poetic space through his out of the box approach to poetry. His poems have been appraised on several platforms as blunt, highly poetic and mysterious. He believes the passing grade for poetry is when it pulls the reader into the poet's world. To him, the poet is “a guide”  holding a torch for the reader's soul and this is achieved through spellbound narratives and heightened imagery. For leisure, he enjoys a view of starry nights, and following up on trending world news, as well as checking on his online friends. You can assess his other works via: if you find him on this platforms, please drop a “hi” if you want to invite him to your open mic, send a mail to: ...

Common Sense should be Common

common sense should be common

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This book is a compilation of short satirical stories aimed at commonizing common sense in our society. I shook plenty tables in this book but not to worry, the tables are not broken. Why Satire You may ask.. You see, the world is already a very complex place, there is no point making it more complex. More over, we already have the likes of Patrick Obiaghon and Chris Okotie who can speak for 10 minutes and You might not understand one line of whatever it is they were saying. We don’t need more grammarians. We need folks who can put complex stuff in simple “linguas” that we all can understand whether we have a PhD or a “je le o simi” certificate. Also, the AYs and Basketmouths of this world are thriving in their space so why can’t we leverage on their core capabilities whilst still ensuring we pass the serious message we want to pass across without adulteration. With that said, dive neck deep into the book already.. Let's commonize common sense. ...

An encounter with the gods

an encounter with the gods

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When a nobody is visited by a being, he gets a glimpse of a great future. Maybe too great for him....

Babies and Lies

babies and lies

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One more lie would do no harm. That was Chizaram's motto and it had worked well for her. Weaving an intricate web of deceit involving foetuses was the art of legends–she was a legend. Unexpected circumstances force her to make a decision; tell the truth or become pregnant. Fast. After all, it's just another lie......


humour treasure

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ARGUABLY NIGERIA`S FUNNIEST MOTIVATIONAL COMEDY BOOK,a perfect mixture of researched intriguing information,laced with refreshing jokes and cartoons for your maximum entertainment coupled with breath-taking inspiring stories for your utmost motivation......