Bewaji's Ankara Adventures: A Novella (The Aso-Ebi Chronicles, Part 1) ssr

bewaji's ankara adventures: a novella (the aso-ebi chronicles, part 1)

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Bewaji is a 24-year old woman who is hired to investigate a strange case involving an American woman romantically involved with a man living in Nigeria. The presumption is that the woman is a victim of one of the popular "romance scams." Will her suspicions be proven right?...

Closed Door (Angela Hunter Series, #1) ssr

closed door (angela hunter series, #1)

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Frustrated because of a constantly closed door in her house, Angela eventually opened it and the heart-wrenching discovery left her speechless. The detectives assigned to the mysterious discovery dug deep into it, and their investigation led to something bigger. Closed Door is the first volume in the "Angela Hunter" series....

Ziora's Surprise ssr

ziora's surprise

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Ziora received a distressing phone call, causing her to leave her house in a hurry. But when she returned home, she was welcomed by a few unexpected events....

Cyber Lover ssr

cyber lover

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Saved by a good-looking young man after fainting by the roadside, Brenda chooses not to be impressed by this act of kindness shown her by a total stranger. Reason is that she’d just had another relationship gone sour – the sole reason for her fainting from shock that dreadful Tuesday morning. The stranger, Michael, knows that Brenda is as pretty as any of the girls his friends usually try to hook him up with on a daily basis, but this has never been what had drawn him to her days after the bizarre fainting accident causes their paths to cross. She has something he can’t quite make out that day and, before he can stop it, he is falling in love for the very first time with someone he feels he has known all his life. One with a very humane disposition, as well as a wonderful smile. However, Brenda has secrets she can never reveal to him. But when people close to her start dying mysteriously, she realizes her friends are in danger because of these secrets. Will she reveal her secrets to Michael? How can she save him from his past, as well as her ruthless Cyber Lover?...

Whispers (#OKBsCOM) ssr

whispers (#okbscom)

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Adanma is led to save her six-year-old grandson, Ifeanyi who got missing. She must trust her guide - a voice which is nothing more than a whisper and she must make sacrifices; far-reaching sacrifices, else . . ....

Black Box ssr

black box

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An Ideas Box is proposed during a Market Knowledge session in a company. But the box goes missing because it is believed to contain much more than ideas. Who has the Ideas Box and why? But the main question is: What is really in the box?...

After: First Light ssr

after: first light

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The beginning of the end... When NASA scientists detect intense solar activity, the warnings go unheeded. Soon communications fail, power goes out, and the world's technological infrastructure collapses. But the solar radiation has also inflicted an unpredictable change--a disruption in the impulses of the human brain. Billions die. And they may be the lucky ones......

Miss or Mrs? ssr

miss or mrs?

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Miss or Mrs? by Collins, Wilkie...

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ssr

the adventures of sherlock holmes

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A delight for a public which enjoys incident, mystery, and above all that matching of the wits of a clever man against the dumb resistance of the secrecy of inanimate things, which results in the triumph of the human intelligence....

Grey Heart ssr

grey heart

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A childhood experience of Sarah Ngulale haunts her into her old age, it causes her to do things weirdly, is she insane or just guilty?...