Open letter to the love I lost     ssr

open letter to the love i lost

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an epistolary poem 'To the love I lost' an excerpt from The Bappa Diaries by Aminu Bappa written in 2013....

Love And Other Afflictions ssr

love and other afflictions

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Love And Other Afflictions …emotions unleashed… In life we go through all kinds of experiences, some so pleasant that you feel a magical, tingling sensation that makes you want to climb to the top of the highest mountain and sing “What a Wonderful World”. Others are so unpleasant that you feel like screaming wildly and throwing someone down from the top of the same mountain. Thankfully however, there are less dangerous ways of expressing these extreme feelings, and safer alternatives are to be found in the writing of poetry. ‘Love and Other Afflictions’ is Sam Uquah’s own personal podium and runway from where he takes you on an intriguing journey which awakens potent emotions buried deep within. ...


alone with my thoughts

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A collection of fourteen poems, by fourteen popular authors, submitted to Mobilebookshelf Write and Win Competition....

A Life Called Forever ssr

a life called forever

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A collection of inspirational poetry....

Looking For Myself And My Phone Charger (Free Preview). ssr

looking for myself and my phone charger (free preview).

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I am hopeful that you can relate with some of my own experiences and thoughts which I have described in this book-thoughts about love, life, lipsticks, Nigeria, technology, and everything in between. This book is a collection of poetry which features a mix of poems I have written on my blog, www.classicallyivy.com, and previously unpublished poems. Happy reading! Ivie. Abuja 2016....

Sex Symbolism of Woman ssr

sex symbolism of woman

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This work: “Sex Symbolism of Woman” which I wrote as but a young man growing up based upon the prevalent situations and lessons learnt, is about the Pains and Joy, Moments of Sadness and Hope. Wouldn’t you agree with me that we have gathered much inside us - be it be negative pains or positive joys- and need our incredible skills and talents in using these negative pains and positive joys in constructively shaping and imparting our generation? Well, we’ve been born and so it remains for us to use all we’ve learnt and gathered through life to better our own lives and help people around us who are struggling as we are or as we have to stand . . . This piece here are adapted from my earlier work: “Poetic Memoirs of a Young Son” To the giver of gifts, to all who have helped in the publication of this work, and to you who I desire to reach do my appreciations go to from my heart. ...


if i had played her

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Life is beautiful, live beautifully. The ladies will find this piece a loving piece as it opens their eyes to things they don't know. Little things they should know about Men and things they need to know to be better in life...

Sandstorms in June ssr

sandstorms in june

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Sandstorms in June is a chapbook of poetry and art photography seeking to recreate through art the experience of going through Obafemi Awolowo University and, as an extension, school as a whole. Curated by Tomiwa Ilori, Gbolahan Badmus, Tobi Adebowale, Dapo Babatunde, Samsudeen Alabi, Victor Olusanya and Damilola Yakubu. Foreward by Tade Ipadeola....

Shakespeare's Sonnets ssr

shakespeare's sonnets

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Shakespeare's Sonnets by Shakespeare, William...

K I S S  ssr

k i s s

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Keep It Sweetly Stylish, all about love and romance. This time around, you learn to do it right. The best KISS in the world and how to go about it...