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Broken Mirrors

broken mirrors

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Tooooot! Tooooot! The trailer’s blaring horn cut rudely into Awazi’s thoughts. “Oh my days!” she exclaimed. Today, of all the immeasurable number of days in time, Lagos-Ibadan expressway had chosen to be the meeting point of the world union of traffic inducing demons. As her husband would say, the traffic tie wrapper, come wear bandana join dey dance atilogwu. Even a slither of water would not find its way through this bumper to bumper traffic mess, and expectedly, they had passed a generous sprinkling of vehicles that had coughed and given up whatever ghost cars possessed parked by the roadside. The one hour journey from Lagos to Ibadan on a normal day had taken them four hours today. And they had just barely gone past Ogere trailer park. Her only consolation was that her husband Derin had just changed his car. If it had been their old Honda, the air conditioning would have done nothing to alleviate the searing heat. She balanced in the rear seat (popularly called Owner’s Corner) of Derin’s new Kia Sportage jeep. The fact that this was an automatic transmission car also kept him in high spirits during the trip. Had it been their old manual transmission Honda, he would have been a grumpy grouch by now. Derin had done well for the family. He had finally made that move from his old generation, meager salary paying bank to an oil servicing firm whose name eluded her now. And voila, within a year of that move, they had been able to change the car, and had now moved away from Shomolu to finally go to that nice spot behind E-Center in the Sabo area of Lagos she had always wanted them to go to. Life was looking up. “Your ogo looks very knock-able from behind” she said, playfully rubbing his clean shaven head now. Derin laughed without taking his eyes off the road, trying to inch ahead of the minibus that was trying to reenter the road from the red sands of the patch between the road and the bush beside it. “You this Eggon woman from the bushes of Nassarawa wants to slap a full grown Yoruba man’s head. Abomination! We Ibadan men require the liver of a male snail as sacrifice for such atrocities o.”...see what happened next......

Baba Risi

baba risi

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Court! Order! The clerk shouted, banging his hand on the well worn exercise book on the table. Only, this clerk was not wearing a suit, he was wearing a colorful Ankara outfit with a sideways matching cap. The room was a medium sized one, with plastic chairs arranged neatly in two sets of four columns, leaving an aisle in the middle. The clerk sat on small wooden chair behind the desk he was banging in the space in front of the room. In the center of the front, an elevated, padded chair was behind a desk not unlike the clerk’s own, but much bigger. This was Baba Risi’s courtroom. See, in this area, we don’t take our disputes to the police or the courts. That’s too long and clumsy, and we really don’t understand all the grammars those people speak. Baba Risi is the chairman of the boys in the area and his court is where we settle everything. Matters are decided promptly, we understand what is being said and God help you if you disobey the judgments. Awon boys will deal with you ruthlessly. So we trust Baba Risi to deliver and he has been doing that for twenty years in our community now. Enjoy the adventures and activities of Baba Risi's court!...

Don't Forget

don't forget

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A story of two girls brought together by fate. Growing up as sisters their love for each other is strengthened over the years. And now they must decide if that love is worth holding on to, against all odds......

Rekiya's Tale

rekiya's tale

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It doesn’t actually take as much as most people think it takes to fall in love. I was twenty seven and not so fresh out of school. I graduated at twenty from a Babcock University and was through with NYSC by twenty one. And as if I was walking on some gilded star, I landed a lucrative job as the assistant to the senior assistant to the directors of a major oil and gas firm (yes, assistants have their own assistants ;) ). Over time, I have grown in the business, and three years ago, one of the directors decided to venture out on his own when the firm refused to take a risk and pursue a certain deal. As a sharp Lagos girl, I had rightly guessed that the deal was gold and so I moved with him when he set up. It wasn’t easy in that first year, moving from the comfort and certainty of my first office but now, we are a thriving oil and gas firm, and I am the senior assistant to him, the sole owner. I am more or less the next most powerful person in the company after him. And I am just twenty seven with my own house in Lekki Phase 1, a state of the art SUV and an official salon car with my own driver. And yes, I now have my own assistants. I was a bigz girlz, and I enjoyed life to the fullest, like Wizkid sang London today, Lagos tomorrow, Reks baybay lokeloke, omo jaiye jaiye *pauses to play the song and do an Azonto to it :D *. Back to the story...see what happened next!...

Lucky Number 7 - Adult Only (18+)

lucky number 7 - adult only (18+)

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So, here I was, sitting in a café, waiting for some smoking hot Unilag chic to show up. I had spent the last three days talking to random chics, fighting the urge to bolt or do anything crazy and I was convinced I had it all under control. Suddenly, there was a slight tremor as the door opened and someone walked in. I was having a cappuccino and I swear it, my little cup was shaking on the table. I looked up at the source of it all, and saw the largest girl that ever lived. You know, the one they make jokes about that they had to take her class picture from a helicopter so that her whole body would get into the picture. The ones that if they fell on you, the squash you like a pancake and they’d have to peel you off her and stuff. Yeah, she was that large. She had like 3 chins and a bust that would crush a tractor rather easily. I would swear she was carrying another being in her stomach, and no, not a fetus, it had to be a fully grown human. With every step she took, the café trembled a little. She made her way to my table… wait! My table??? I was turning white with fear, all my composure was gone. I closed my eyes and prayed silently ‘let her just want to borrow a cup of sugar’ she stopped in front of me and said “Hey, you wanted a Unilag chic?” my jaw dropped. What! Was this her? What the fuck are the big boys and aristos into nowadays??? I thought the senators and the big boys went for slim, portable chics, not monsters! “Err…have a seat.” I said. She smiled; apparently she was used to this reaction. see what happened next......



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Child Abuse is the elephant in Nigeria's room. Tunde Leye brings it to the limelight with his most touching book yet! Enjoy it today......

My Name Is A-Zed: Part 1

my name is a-zed: part 1

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She pointed to a dimly lit spot opposite a brightly lit building with a signage that simply read “YNot”. I noticed a lot of activity at the entrance of the building – hefty looking men, probably bouncers, guys and a handful of girls walking into the building. Hmm… This must be one of the happening clubs, I thought to myself as I parked. The girls got out and this time, I made sure I also got out and stood by my door. The big one walked towards me even as the others walked towards the YNot building. The big one: Fine Boy, sorry again about those men. Wetin be your name sef? Me: My name? My name is Azeez. The big one: Azeez? No o… I will call you A-Zed. Don’t you like that? Fine boy like you should have fine name. Ok, we are going to be inside for a while. Shey you’ll wait for us so when we’re done you’ll take us back. Me: Ha.. err.. Kassy, I have another appointment, I really have to… As I tried to find the right words, she produced a purse from only God knows where and brought out some notes from it which she stuffed into my hands. I looked down and noticed they were all one thousand Naira notes. My estimation? About 8 of them. Yekpa. The big one: Look, you are a fine boy, you should be taken care of even while you’re working. Take that and go and find something to eat somewhere. We will soon be out. With that she walked swiftly into the YNot building. On closer examination, I realized she had given me ten thousand naira. TEN THOUSAND NAIRA. Mogbe....

Memoirs Of A Justified Gold Digger

memoirs of a justified gold digger

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For a certain certified gold digger Didi Trap who knows first-hand that the art of gold digging is not getting miserly coins from a Mine but following laid down principles and using self-crafted tools, she meets fate. In a shocking twist of fate she plays a deadly game with Ali Kyari Bricks-famous billionaire and philanthropist and his son Akhmed Kyari Bricks-Africa’s youngest and wealthiest serial entrepreneur after Akhmed proposes a 200 million naira payoff to get married to his father or risk the exposure of a well-guarded secret. Blackmailed and in need of a thrill, she is set lose to discover who she is, what she is worth and take back what was rightfully hers. The Bricks Empire. Don’t miss the compelling revelations, uncensored truths and emotional overtures. “Compelling read with over a thousand hits. Cunningly plotted and remarkable. A terrific debut indeed”. ...

Journey To Nowhere

journey to nowhere

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“Tell me everything you have been doing since you came to Europe,” Austin said. I didn’t remember how many times he had asked for that information in the past but right there, I felt it was time to open up to him. He was right there beside me on the bed. We were in Stockholm Sweden and it was during the winter. I met Austin back in Lagos Nigeria in 2006 at the Lekki Beach. Journey to Nowhere is a story of Maria, a teenage African girl who was deceptively taken to Europe for prostitution. After reading this, download Book 2 "THE PROSTITUTE'S BIBLE" to continue the series. To contact the Author, send a mail to anizubix77@yahoo.com You can reach the Author on Whatsapp through +8613544479311...

Adanna: The Mysterious Aba Girl

adanna: the mysterious aba girl

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This story is about how I almost lost my life to the devil all because of love, I was so in love with her that I decided to take an oath with the devil and drive away my loving girlfriend Mercy, I thank God that am still alive today to tell the story today thanks to Mercy my hero who never lose hope, and lord's chosen church in Aba for their prayer and care, schooling in Aba thought me many things I will never forget in my life, and I hope and pray that I never see someone like Adanna again, and please this is a horror story so sit down and take a cup of coffee as I journey you into a long adventure....

There And Back On Time (Global Runs Series: Book 1) - Adult Only  - Adult Only (18+)

there and back on time (global runs series: book 1) - adult only - adult only (18+)

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Zuby is an African Immigrant who found himself in the streets of Europe. After his asylum process in Germany, he found himself out of the system. He couldn't go to school or study anything due to the illegal immigrant status. He joined the local drug dealers in a bid to survive but when the authorities found drugs in his room, he disappeared to Portugal where he met another line of business done by African immigrants; Prostitution. Zuby met Jennifer, a teenage prostitute from Nigeria and decided to help her quit the job. In an attempt to save the girl from human traffickers, he nearly got killed on numerous occasions. Madam Grace and other human traffickers planned to kill Zuby since he was able to convince Jennifer to quit prostitution. They chased him all over Portugal, sending hired killers to eliminate him. Zuby succeeded in evading them numerous times until he was able to run back to Germany with Jennifer. With Jennifer in asylum camp, Zuby started drug business again in Germany. .. This is the first book of the Global Runs Series. Set in Germany and Portugal, This opens up the world of human traffickers who specializes in bringing teenage boys and girls from Africa to Europe for prostitution and drug business. In the book, one is expected to find the routes taken by the human smugglers who own apartments in Libya, Tunisia and Morocco where they prepare the teenagers for onward transportation to Southern Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. Book 2 "THE SHADOW CHASE" follows after this. Remember to leave a review after reading. To reach the author, send a mail to anizubix77@yahoo.com You can reach the Author on Whatsapp through +8613544479311...

The devil came on a Sunday #CampusChallenge - Adult Only (18+)

the devil came on a sunday #campuschallenge - adult only (18+)

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Obioma Blossom Adaeze, 400 level, Accountancy, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus (UNEC). 4026 words This is the story of a young girl being molested by her father. This is a story of Strength, courage and triumph....