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From Friend to Fiancée PREVIEW

from friend to fiancée preview

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Warning! I strongly suggest that you read this book with an open mind because I'll be sharing secrets most men don't want you to know, especially the 'players' among them. There's a lot of uncommon sense and seduction (yeah, I said it) required to get your man. Remember, this book focuses on moving you out of the 'friend zone' where you probably have been relegated to for a while, to the 'fiancée zone', which should lead to marriage, if you do your homework well enough. The techniques in this book do NOT promote manipulation as they do POSITIONING! If you're not in the right position at the right place and time, you're gonna miss out and some girl somewhere is going to reap where you've so painstakingly sown. I'm also not so concerned about what your religious or faith paradigm is right now, as I'm not trying to be your Pastor, but just a friend telling you the cold hard truth, trying to steer you in the right direction. Don't forget that only two women - Ruth and Esther - have their names as books of the Bible. These women learnt the secret art of positioning that was required to get the men they wanted. You should too. Nuff said. Let's get this show on the road!...

From College Dropout to Corporate Sellout PREVIEW

from college dropout to corporate sellout preview

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As you can tell from the title, this book is about how a two-time College Dropout became a Corporate Sellout; all in five years. It’s my life story and it’s all true. Don’t get me wrong, the title doesn’t suggest that dropping out of school guarantees success. Far from it. Our streets are full of those who never ‘dropped in’, those who ‘dropped out’, those who ‘went to college’ and several ‘academic achievers’, who after several years haven’t been able to get meaningful employment or make a success out of their lives. This book is my own little way of getting you to become more introspective; to look inwards at what you have. Everyone has ‘dropped out’ in one area of life or the other. Perhaps you’ve dropped out in your finances, academics or relationships; you need to look beyond your present circumstances to see the ‘sellout’ in you. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Why would you want to spill the beans on your life’s challenges and struggles?” “Aren’t you embarrassed?” “What would people think?” I know. I hear you. But I guess somewhere in my mind and through my experience in sharing what’s become my “test”-imony, I’ve seen countless thousands become inspired and motivated to take a chance on themselves and become the best of themselves. That’s what I hope will happen to you too as you flip through these pages. If that’s your decision at the end of the day, then it would have been worth it. Everyone is born with some form of “disability” or the other. Your disability might be physical, emotional or financial. It could even be as a result of being born ‘on the wrong side of the tracks’. Now, while I don’t make light of your struggles or life’s challenges, the time comes when you’ve got to put your foot down and decide to diss or disregard your disability. Are you going to make excuses for what life should have given you but didn’t or will you decide not to take NO for an answer and grab life by the throat until it answers to you? You decide. As a wise man once said; “it’s not what you don’t have that limits you, it’s what you have, but don’t know how to use”. I’m here to help you discover what you have and help you use it to your advantage. Let’s go. Your journey to fulfillment starts NOW!...

NYSC Survival Guide: The Foreign Otondo (Part 1)

nysc survival guide: the foreign otondo (part 1)

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"An appropriate alternative title for this Guide would be: What Google won't teach you about NYSC. Kemi Ogunniyi has done a great job putting this together, to help intending returnees beat a smoother path through the NYSC Jungle..." - Tolu Ogunlesi, Journalist and winner of CNN Multichoice African Journalism Prize, 2009 "The book conveys the NYSC Experience from an exceptionally intelligent and entertaining point of view. It's a candid exposition of the National Youth Service programme experience." Dayo Israel, Special Representative to the United Nations Should I participate in the NYSC Scheme? What is it like? How would I register for it? What would I eat at the NYSC Orientation camp? How does the posting system work? Will I get a good girlfriend / boyfriend during the NYSC year? This informative and entertaining guide covers those questions and more, well, except the ‘getting your girlfriend / boyfriend’ part. A lot of Nigerian graduates who have studied abroad are returning home because of tightening immigration laws in their host countries and new opportunities in Nigeria. For most foreign graduates, returning home means participating in the NYSC scheme, if they are to work in the public or private sectors in Nigeria – it is a national requirement! This booklet will guide you throughout your NYSC journey – from the initial decision making to final completion. If after reading you still have any questions, visit, where you can interact with the author and other intending Otondos. Follow us on twitter: @otondoguide and join our Facebook page,

The Myth in Marriage

the myth in marriage

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The Myth in Marriage by Alice Hubbard...

Half A Loaf and A Bakery

half a loaf and a bakery

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Half a loaf & a Bakery was created and published out of necessity. We want to encourage youths who have no loaf today to step out of their comfort zone and aspire. We want to inspire those with half a loaf to make the best use of what they have been given. We want to tell all young people in Nigeria that have their backs pushed against the wall by circumstances beyond their control, to arise, dare to dream bigger and take action towards greatness everyday. We have shared articles on education, entrepreneurship and related issues to stimulate positive enduring actions. We have also shared interview responses from youths who are leading by example. It is our hope that this book will inspire young people to embrace the culture of hands-on experiential learning and be prepared for the labor force, as entrepreneurs or employees before graduation. Owning a bakery and feeding others is within the reach of everyone who believes in the beauty of their dreams. ...

13 Tips for Learning How to Speak With Your Voice

13 tips for learning how to speak with your voice

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I have found that a lot of people do not know how to speak with their voice. They do not know what their voices even sound like or what it wants to say. They are not familiar with themselves. This is the core of my article today: Learning to speak with your voice. Written by David E. (CEO of

The Richer Woman Workbook

the richer woman workbook

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This work book is based on the lessons from the book, The Richer Woman; it is your guide to applying the wisdom you glean from the book. Please endeavour to get a copy of the book The Richer Woman to make the most of this workbook. How many times have you read a book and three months later wondered why nothing seems to have changed despite the fact that you learnt very useful lessons from the book? Things just retain the status quo and it can be such a frustrating experience to be unable to apply the lessons learnt to your daily life, which is where it all matters. This is why you are holding this workbook today, I am determined to see you become The Richer Woman and you have in your hands a practical guide for this journey. I like to think about it as a discussion session where I get to hold you accountable....

Parenting 101 By Adeh Jones

parenting 101 by adeh jones

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A couple of years ago, while working as an on air personality, I asked a question that most people confessed that they have never given a thought to. I want to ask you that same question too: what is PARENTING? Do you understand now, what I mean? Don't bother racking up your brains; let me help you out. Make sure to read this book and you would find answers......

The Simple Guide To Email Marketing

the simple guide to email marketing

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At Mad Mimi, you don’t need to be an HTML wizard to send HTML emails. You don’t need to be tech savvy and you don’t need to be a “marketer.” Written with busy people in mind, Mad Mimi’s simple guidebook will help you create email newsletters that focus on building relationships with your readers. In The Simple Guide To Email Marketing, you’ll learn: Why email marketing matters Which free tools will make your life easier Tips for writing effective content your readers will love How to engage your readers and stay relevant How to create a readable layout in no time Standard design rules that look good in inboxes across all platforms Tips for creating the perfect banner for your newsletter How to think like a designer to brand your emails Techniques to optimize your images for the inbox How to write subject lines that will increase your view rates Email analytics and understanding what they mean Healthy list management techniques How to enjoy email marketing Email marketing should be fun, quick and easy. The Simple Guide To Email Marketing will show you how to take advantage of this amazing channel without wasting time. Download the ebook for free! ...

CORPORATE MISFIT: Lessons for Fresh Graduates

corporate misfit: lessons for fresh graduates

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"CORPORATE MISFIT: Lessons for Fresh Graduates” Definition of a Misfit… Noun: someone or something that doesn’t fit in, or that is different from the rest. Who should Read Corporate Misfit? Many fresh graduates in Nigeria fall into the class of individuals that this eBook is specifically meant for. It is my hope that many who come across it would benefit greatly by acting on the words contained therein. Are you one of those that studied courses they were ‘given’ or ‘made’ to study and not one they chose? Do you often think you are a ‘Misfit’ and that you’ve reached the end of your job search? I have news for you; there is hope for you! Just make sure to get a copy of this eBook. The singular theme of this eBook is that “Mind preparation is more important than the physical job search process”, get this wrong and you would be a “Corporate misfit”! ...

What the future knows about the past.

what the future knows about the past.

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A few years ago I heard the phrase “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. I am ever more conscious of the fact that today is the beginning of what time we have left. I have written this book with that persuasion, hoping to help you find a new tempo to your steps. Find ways to anticipate the future, to prepare for that future and to re-engineer that future. How does one avoid obsoletion? How long does it take, standing on this very spot, to become obsolete? Apparently, becoming obsolete is more straightforward than I initially thought. This book tests a few assumptions some of us have held as true about how to make the most of the future. It may provide the keys to reinvent the future. Hope you enjoy it....