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It is quite simple! Visit the profile icon on the top-right corner to sign up or login if you already have an account.

Publishing on Okadabooks is easy, simple and free. Check here for a concise guide on publishing.

Visit your publisher’s dashboard and click on withdraw funds to start the process. Please note that this option is only available to authors and the payout process takes 1 - 14 days. You can check out this article to know more.

Books purchased on Okadabooks can only be read on the OkadaBooks app or website. You need to either visit the OkadaBooks website or download the app from your usual app store to access books. Getting started on the OkadaBooks app is very easy! See more.

Absolutely not! However please know that Okadabooks take 30% of every book sale.

Just like a bank account, you need to have funds in your Okada wallet before you purchase a book. We have different payment options that enable you to keep funds in your wallet until you need to use it.

To reset your password, kindly log out of your account on the app and click on this link (make sure you select the app when asked how to open it) You can send an email to us if you experience any difficulty.

Books cost anywhere between 0-10,000 Naira but the best way to know is to search for the book and visit the store.

No. Okadabooks only have the right to distribute books via their app or website. This means that books purchased can only be read on the app or website.

Details such as username, phone number and email cannot be changed after your account is created. Please be sure of these details before you create an account.

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