How To Recognize And Mazimize Opportunities

how to recognize and mazimize opportunities

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On a daily basis, we are always presented with opportunities - in various forms and guises - to advance, better, or improve our present standing in life. However, the missing link that hinders many from making the most of these opportunities is their inability to either recognize or utilize them to the fullest. In this book, you will learn seven practical tips that will help you to easily identify opportunities and effectively utilize them as they come your way. ...

Mystery of Life

mystery of life

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Mystery of life is a realistic look at the journey of life, on our way, when we walk, the path and the questions we need to ask ourselves. This is not a “Cock and Bull story” – this is a fact and experience of a lady in the journey of life and how God restored her brokenness. ...

THE NIGERIAN DREAM: The Ice Prince Story

the nigerian dream: the ice prince story

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This book follows Ice Prince from his time as a fledgling in Northern Nigeria to his breakout years in lagos and his exploits around the globe. It references his lessons, retells his experiences and recalls the subtle leaps that makes him a celebrated Nigerian story....

Forgiveness. Your Access Code

forgiveness. your access code

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I have shared with you my experiences and a few of others on how and why they and I have embraced forgiveness as a mandatory tool for living life to the fullest. I also understand that Forgiveness can be hard depending on the level of offense, yet you are reminded that it is a will of God and come what may, an excellent choice to make. It is your access code to living a life of dominion, to breaking free, love, to strength, hope, and overall living in God's original plan for humanity. I urged you in this book to forgive those who have offended you and forgive in advance those who will hurt you so that everyone who has seen you in the miry clay will see you on the solid rock. I pray the words in this book, touch your heart, so much that you make forgiveness a choice you embrace....

FINDING YOUR ‘PERFECT’ PARTNER A Book for the 21st Century Single

finding your ‘perfect’ partner a book for the 21st century single

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Every man or woman desires to find the ‘perfect’ mate. We all desire a happy family and to live happily ever after. We all desire to love and be loved and be merry too in our relationships and marriages by extension. I have chosen as a Christian to draw insights from the Holy Bible and use its perspectives regarding relationship and marriage to help you find your 'perfect' partner, one who makes you happy and tirelessly works in order to bring out the best in you. Marriage in all ramifications is great; it’s a remarkable institution set by God, where if we follow God’s guide (as clearly written in the Holy Bible), this author believes, nothing from the pit of hell would be able to debar us from experiencing marital bliss....

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Pillow Talk

pillow talk

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There is a used condom on the floor. It is particularly glued to the carpet like what’s left of its life hangs in the balance. Should it find its way out of that carpet and into the dustbin, then that’s it. It is truly dead....


a letter to my lover

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This book is written in verse with a lot of romantic expressions in lyric style. THE STORY: When Habby a youth corper decided to start a lustful affair with an older madam Kofo, a wealthy businesswoman, little did he know that he was walking into a trap which threatened to ensnare his life and future. Habby, Kofo and Janet, the girl he fell in love with, found themselves in an intriguing game of love, lust, passion, trust, betrayal, greed, blackmail and ….. murder. A LETTER TO MY LOVER: Written in verse with raw emotions. ...

Queen of Ice

queen of ice

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Mo, a princess, survived a rape attempt after her father rescued her. However, life wasn’t the same with her after that. She shut out completely and refused to trust or love again. Society did not take time to name her Queen of Ice. Even without anyone trying to find out why she suddenly became cold. To thaw her frozen heart, Mo must journey several centuries back to meet the real Queen of Ice. A woman with extra ordinary powers, a woman who was different, a woman society misundertood. A woman who just like Mo had loved and had lost. Will Mo learn what true forgiveness and love means? Or will she let the only man who loves her genuinely walk away, while her bitterness consumes her completely? This is a tale of love entwined in the vines of the past awaiting freedom in the present....

Act Of Faith ( Paid Version)

act of faith ( paid version)

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The Small village Of Atata is troubled, deaths seem to be the order of the day, the youth aren't safe anymore but are the elders also secured? Who will be their Saviour? And who is their tormentor? Is it actually the gods like Eze Ani the chief priest of Ani had said? Find out and Join in unraveling the mystery in the Story ACT OF FAITH...

Remembering Love

remembering love

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After Derek was involved in an accident, Elizabeth spent everyday by his side, caring for him, talking to him, helping him recuperate even though he was in a state of coma. When he finally wakes up, he doesn't remember her, his girlfriend of over ten years. In addition to not remembering her, he also hated her and couldn't explain why. ...

The Lost Realm

the lost realm

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What if I told you there is a place where dreams come true if you take three steps forward? Tiwa knew nothing about the world which fate had thrown her into. The beauty was ecstatic, it was a paradise. She fell in love with a man in the sky. She wanted to stay with him forever. But time was running out. She questioned her own sanity. She needed to return. Before everything get out of hand....

Knowledge is the key

knowledge is the key

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Knowledge is the keys, This is a production book that contains how to make some products, things you need to know about those products and why you should be careful while making these products....

Application Guideline for the 2019 Tony Elumelu Enterpreneurship Program

application guideline for the 2019 tony elumelu enterpreneurship program

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Thinking of making a good application for the Tony Elumelu Enterpreneurship Program in 2019? This short guide provide you with the insight, approach and strategy to making your application based on analysis of previous winners. ...

Dictionary of Courses and Career Guide

dictionary of courses and career guide

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Do you have a problem choosing what course to study in the university and colleges, what school to go to, and what the subject requirements for your choice course are? This book has an answer to all that. Dictionary of Course and Career Guide is designed to help struggling students find a stand and clear the doubts they have about future careers and what course to do....



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“Decorated with rich diction and elegant imagery, Rick Davis walks us through refreshing, nostalgic and therapeutic life’s journey in verse. In Walking, the spontaneity of rhythm deeply stirs our thoughts and feelings. What a riveting work of art!” Kariuki wa Nyamu Award-winning Kenyan poet, scriptwriter, critic, editor, educator and co-author of “When Children Dare to Dream”...

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