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Cradle of the gods

cradle of the gods

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Oku, the god of fire and curiosity believes he should be the one ruling Paradise instead of Oma the goddess of prosperity, Agha the god of war and Ufele the god of weather; who rule as a triumvirate. He hatches a plot to overthrow them and get the worship of men for himself. Things take an unexpected turn as another god secretly uses the ensuing chaos to consolidate power for himself....

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The Naive Wife - Rachel's Choice

the naive wife - rachel's choice

46 reads

On the day of her sister's marriage introduction, radio show host, Rachel Eden, meets Ejike and Doug; two friends that could not be more different. She finds herself instantly attracted to Ejike, but there's something about Doug and the way he's determined to win her heart. Neither men are who they appear to be, however, making Rachel's choice harder. Her producer and friend, Dongjap, also makes his intentions known, but could he be a little too late? Rachel's Choice is a story of many singles, seeking to know the will of God for their relationships and who need, beyond wisdom, grace to make the right choice for their lives. It is the first volume of a three-book fictional series about love and marriage - The Naive Wife. New release! Get it at the Christmas Special price of N600 all December!...

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confessions and prayers from the gospel of matthew

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Confessions and Prayers from The Gospel Of Matthew is the first of a series of faith-filled declarations from the synoptic Gospels as well as JOHN. Flowing from God's command to pray without ceasing and not to let the Word of God depart from our mouth, this book provides a medium through which the Word of God is put into action by meditation, prayer and confession. Read alongside the Bible from which its powerful declarations are sourced, this book opens the reader to new dimensions of supernatural operations and new levels of a close and intimate walk with God. Life is indeed peaceful when you rest on the promises of God's Word. ...

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PRENEURSHIP - The gamble #01

preneurship - the gamble #01

35 reads

A PHOTO COMIC- Based on the True Life Story of the CEO of Teal Harmony Ltd. Alex is at a crossroads, torn between staying with her current job or Answering the calls that could lead her to a path of fortune. find out how this true-life story unfolds...........

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Before You Say I Do: Hard Questions People Ignore

before you say i do: hard questions people ignore18+

2 reads

Don't you wish you knew the right questions to ask that person before you spend Forever together ?! Don't you think you could save yourself the pain of heartbreak, dissatisfaction, and lack of fulfillment in the relationship? What if you could do this while also having a lot of fun and learning more than you can imagine about your partner? Before You Say I Do, a simple yet concise compilation of conversations that helps couples to properly explore each other's compatibility before walking down the aisle. This book would give a voice to conversations couples have hitherto forgotten or too shy to discuss. It brings to the fore discussions on Finance, Women's rights, sexuality, Child raising, LGBT views, among others. These issues range from the most mundane to the very critical and life-defining issues....

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Like Hind's Feet

like hind's feet

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ABOUT THE BOOK In a life where many are constantly living on the edge, tragedies abound, and depression is widespread; the existence and supremacy of a loving God is often questioned. People are barely existing, having been crushed by the weight of one mishap or the other, which leaves them wondering about the purpose of life. When we're faced with the life-altering storms of life, various questions arise. Why do bad things happen to good people? Is God's love far-reaching enough to get to us even in those devastating situations? Where exactly is the place of grace and mercy? A lot of fear and uncertainty surround us, especially in times of heartache and tragedy. The good news is, no matter how seemingly difficult, disheartening, and incomprehensible life may be; we can, like the hind, boldly place one foot in front of the other, scale through unusually difficult terrain, and come out unfazed because God goes through those terrifying situations with us....

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Adelaide Street (and other short stories)

adelaide street (and other short stories)

7 reads

Adelaide Street is a short story that follows a young Nigerian living and schooling in one of Canada's Ontario cities - Kitchener. Although, depressed due to the hardship of paying his school fees, a new hope arises when he gets called for an interview to one of Canada's Big-5 in Toronto. The story further delves into the encounter he had on his way to the interview and how the word 'Adelaide' had wrongly played in his head all along. Majority of the stories in this book explores the new immigrant experience in Canada....

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Mercy: Book two the Still series

mercy: book two the still series

72 reads

Broken. Drowning. Desperate. Lost. When the lives and hearts of four friends start to crumble, can God’s mercy reach them still? In her second year of medical school, Fadesola (Sola) Cardoso faces an impossible choice: stay with her longtime boyfriend, the one who knows her darkest secrets and loves her anyway, or move forward with Ladi, the man who gives her hope for an unstained future. Even as she wrestles with her options, life as a medical student becomes increasingly difficult—full of endless exams, stressful social activities, and reminders of a past that continues to haunt her. Ladi struggles with Sola’s divided loyalties while trying to maintain his perfect image as class president, promising student, and model Christian. But scandals inside and outside the lecture hall threaten to break apart the fragile peace once and for all between Ladi, Sola, and their friends Nikky and Tayo, who are fighting battles of their own. In this epic second installment in Eniola Prentice’s new-adult Still series, the faith of these four medical students will be tested like never before. Discover their gritty troubles and grand triumphs as they navigate friendships, revelations, romance, and career goals in light of the redemptive power of the cross. ...

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Perfect Love

perfect love

66 reads

Unhappily married Onome meets her ex-boyfriend and "the love of her life" just months before her sixth wedding anniversary. Now, she can't get him out of her head, as she reminisces about way back when, recalling promises of unending love. It really doesn't help that they are now neighbours, and he seems just as interested in going down memory lane as she... After Temi finds and reads his wife's diary, he is certain that nothing can ever make them whole again. To make matters worse, he has already found comfort in another woman's arms. How do you fight to keep a marriage that your heart is no longer in...? If you loved Broken or An Emotional Affair, you will love this story about forsaken love, temptation, betrayal and redemption. It's an emotional telling from start to finish with lots of lessons about life, faith and marriage....

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The Nigerian Prince (Heirs of Eden#1)

the nigerian prince (heirs of eden#1)

14 reads

Her: Everyone knows not to bother replying to the ‘Nigerian Prince’ Scam emails. But this one caught me at the worst time of my life. I was broken. So naturally, my curiosity got the best of me. I did it and there isn’t an ‘undo’ button. Him: If you had seen her eyes, you wouldn’t blame me for what I did. What is a small lie when there is much to be gained? Description: Five childhood friends from Africa are linked forever through a shared traumatic experience. Driven by their affluent backgrounds, they frequent luxurious trips across the globe to stay connected. At the center of the conflict is Deji, a rich, young prince from Nigeria. In his quest to find fulfillment with a career he loves, he finds love instead through unlikely circumstances. His life becomes entwined with that of Tanya, an aspiring American actress he meets over the internet. The intrigues surrounding his friendships and his personal life stand as obstacles to their budding relationship. Will the strong bond of friendship triumph over the emotions pulling at Deji's heartstrings? *major.cliffhanger*...

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