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Girl meets Boys

girl meets boys

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A short collection of sweet poetry about a girl's dance with love, relationships, heartbreaks and those days she just loves herself for herself....

Failed Woman

failed woman

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Four friends- Rudy, Morgan, Alex, and Ola, are desperately in search of love, peace of mind and stability. Though Ola, the least wealthy of the bunch, had quietly believed she was the failed woman of the group, she soon discovers that everyone has their fair share of misfortune. First, there is Rudy, a prominent plastic surgeon, envied by many for her picturesque family- an attorney husband and two children. But her marriage is anything but loving. Next is Morgan, a cardiologist, married to a world-renowned surgeon. Their home, though filled with love still feels empty, a constant reminder of her inability to have children. Then there is Alex, CEO of a prestigious hospital, with a knack for collecting engagement rings, but is yet to walk down the aisle. Saddled with two sons from different men and the notion that no one would ever want her baggage, she settled into an abusive relationship. Last, but not the least, is Ola, who did not keep the group’s pledge of becoming doctors, absconding instead to marry the love of her life, after which three children followed. But a floundering career leads her back to her friends when Rudy hires her as an assistant. On the surface all will seem well until the charade they call friendship is tested, and things begin to unravel, leaving them all plagued with more doubts than achievements. Each woman will arrive at a crossroad where she must decide whether to throw in the towel or step up to the plate. Failed Woman is a novel about desire and loss. It is Tealson Taylor’s first book....

(Preview) 23 Shades of Becoming

(preview) 23 shades of becoming

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SHADES : Think of the many colors you could possibly go through in life; How far can you go? BECOMING: Beginning to be; Letting go of the past, Forgiveness and Acceptance, Sudden Disinterests in a lot of things, Breathing, Survival, Evolution. Julia: My name, means YOUTH, and I have only just come to realize the true essence of life after my near death experience. I hope my Journal - turned novel inspires you greatly. With Love... Julia....

Crimson Night

crimson night

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She shook his hand off. “What are you talking about? Wolf, spotter, witch? You’re not making sense.” She thought about what he said. She thought about how he said he’d been drawn to her, not because he liked her, but because he believed that she was marked. Set in a world filled with “marked” individuals, this novel follows Osezele, a thirteen-year old girl discovering her uniqueness amid the turmoils of a Nigerian boarding school. Osezele finds herself at the crest of great despair, bogged down by the weight of loneliness and dereliction. At this lowest point of her young life, her eyes are opened to a secret world, barely hidden beneath the surface. She finds acceptance in this world of the marked and the young man who introduced her to it all. Within the strict discipline of her school, Osezele makes the daring leap for friendship and belonging among students like herself, who were marked from birth. Right when her life seems to have taken a turn, the thing that changed everything for her becomes the very thing threatening to destroy the steady ground on which she stands. It was as if she knew that the moment she read it, nothing would be the same. ...

Mercy: Book two the Still series

mercy: book two the still series

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Broken. Drowning. Desperate. Lost. When the lives and hearts of four friends start to crumble, can God’s mercy reach them still? In her second year of medical school, Fadesola (Sola) Cardoso faces an impossible choice: stay with her longtime boyfriend, the one who knows her darkest secrets and loves her anyway, or move forward with Ladi, the man who gives her hope for an unstained future. Even as she wrestles with her options, life as a medical student becomes increasingly difficult—full of endless exams, stressful social activities, and reminders of a past that continues to haunt her. Ladi struggles with Sola’s divided loyalties while trying to maintain his perfect image as class president, promising student, and model Christian. But scandals inside and outside the lecture hall threaten to break apart the fragile peace once and for all between Ladi, Sola, and their friends Nikky and Tayo, who are fighting battles of their own. In this epic second installment in Eniola Prentice’s new-adult Still series, the faith of these four medical students will be tested like never before. Discover their gritty troubles and grand triumphs as they navigate friendships, revelations, romance, and career goals in light of the redemptive power of the cross. ...



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Danielle was a promising young girl who lost her mum to breast cancer very early in her life. Her Father was all she had and they had a bond so tight that no one could ever break until he decided to take a new bride. This unfavorable change fueled her determination to find answers concerning her mother’s death. In doing this, she found her purpose in life starting her career as a Medical Doctor and her journey through self-awareness began. The Slogan, “Doctors save lives” was very much what Danielle lived by every day of her life. She had no other obligation than fulfilling this to the best of her abilities. Having to make the choice of a life partner between two potential suitors with very distinct character traits was the only problem she assumed she had until she accidentally discovered a lump in her breast and her life came to a pause. Would she suffer and die from the same condition that snatched her mother’s life or fight to stay alive? Would she be open to receive love or beg to be loved? It is her choice to make! Stephanie calls this book a young lady's guide to being free from breast cancer and living a fulfilled life. ...

My 50 Greatest Lessons in Life and Winning Principles for Success

my 50 greatest lessons in life and winning principles for success

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Having experienced a series of confrontations from life’s school of hard knocks as early as the age of eight when my father died, I think this is the most appropriate time to write about my greatest lessons in life and winning principles for success. I have also added three bonuses for you namely, “50 Quotes that Shaped My Life”, “50 Books that impacted My Life the Most” and “50 Special Q&As with Dayo Olomu. The entire content of this book is primarily aimed at motivating not only the reader but also all and sundry that if the author can do it, you too can do it, all the mistakes of old are not excuses not to live your dreams. For life is a stage and there are no excuses whatsoever not to aspire to play a leading role....

Jewel from the Ghetto 2: The Return of Shakirah

jewel from the ghetto 2: the return of shakirah

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There is no madness like obsession and no hate like vengeance! If you have read Jewel from the Ghetto and found it breathtaking and captivating, then think again! Because that was only the beginning! The real intrigue, nerve-wracking suspense, heart-pumping action, and the most unexpected twists and turns are just a book away. After Yemi and Simisola weathered the storm and successfully surmounted every obstacle thrown at them in the first instalment, they settled for a ‘happily-ever-after’ life. Or so they thought. Because what happened next showed that such a life only existed in fairy tales! Shakirah returned from prison solely driven by hate and vengeance. Mrs Abimbola threatened fire and brimstone. Only one thing drove her—Revenge! An obsessed woman suddenly showed up from nowhere and hell was let loose! And at the centre of it all were Yemi and Simisola! Now that their life and happiness were under threat again, would Yemi and Simisola find the strength to overcome the onslaught? Purchase Jewel from the Ghetto 2: The Return of Shakirah to find out!...



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What are the ingredients of a page-turner? Is it sex; friendship; romance; abuse; acrimony; love; unforgiveness; faith; secrets? Find them all in my book titled DAMAGE. This book is for everyone who is in a relationship, has been in one or intends to be in one. Do you want a book that will entertain you, intrigue you, shock you – sometimes, keep you in suspense, thrill you, amuse you, educate you, probably make your hackles rise, but certainly never bore you? Then this book is for you. Follow Chike, Ogemnabia, Tunde – the lead characters – and others on their journey. Chike and Ogemnabia are the perfect recipe for a happily-ever-after story – Chike is handsome, ambitious and successful; Ogemnabia is brilliant, confident, and breathtakingly beautiful. But when reality comes knocking, dreams and fantasies crumble into dust. Chike, an erstwhile prince charming, is forced to battle the demons of his past that threaten to send him and his family straight to hell. For Ogemnabia, the questions and insecurities that have plagued her whole life take on a whole new urgency as she struggles to hold onto the dreams that have been denied her. Will they withstand life’s storms together and discover the true meaning of love? Or are forgiveness and happily-ever-after just too much to ask? This book is rated 16+ by the Author - SNV. This book has a faith-based theme. ...

Living Out God's Purpose and Plan: A Practical Guide to Unlocking Your Potential

living out god's purpose and plan: a practical guide to unlocking your potential

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Since creation, God made man with great potential and clear expectations. He expects man to be responsible, accountable and excel in life. The level of success man achieves depends on his understanding and application of the accompanying guiding principles of productivity. These guiding principles are articulated in this book. The book presents many practical life examples of those who succeeded in life by applying these principles. The principles are guaranteed to steer you on the right course, keep you on course and keep you productive and successful in life....