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Moving Targets: A Novel

moving targets: a novel

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There is smoke. There is ash. But there is no body. When Toyosi first sees thirteen-year-old Adanna, she doesn't want to take her in. But she is a gift from the church, a housegirl to alleviate her stress. A week later, it's time for family devotion. Toyosi uses another song of worship to distract from the tension within her marriage to 'love pastor', Eric Okunlade. That's when she smells it: a gas leak. When she sends Adanna into the kitchen to assess the situation, she has no way of anticipating the explosion that follows. Adanna is dead and Toyosi is responsible for it. She rushes into the kitchen expecting to see the corpse. Instead, there is nobody. WHAT HAPPENED TO ADANNA? In searching for this answer, Toyosi must confront the truth about the stranger she let into her home. Because otherwise, someone she loves will die within the week. Moving Targets is a captivating thriller full of hatred, murder and revenge. In this chilling debut riddled with twists and turns, lies will be uncovered. Secrets will be exposed. And the ending will leave you reeling. ...

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MOTE Mote, a young Nigerian painter believes she has found the love of her life, Jack, an American architect. Together, they survive the problems that stir up from their interracial union. However, when tragedy befalls their close-knit family of four, Mote is forced to relive the past – revealing harbored secrets and uncovering old truths. ARA Ara, having watched her father fire the shot that killed her only brother, is enraged and hell-bent on revealing what she witnessed to anyone who cares to listen. She battles to reconcile the man she once called father and the man she saw murder his own son. She is yet to find out that they may have harbored a stranger in their home. JACK Jack finds himself living in his own shadow, caught up in a web of lies that threaten his life and reality. Although he attempts to find his way back, he soon sees himself making decisions that seem to draw him further from the truth, as he forms new bonds and allegiances. As time goes on, he finds that he is becoming the man he swore to kill. ...

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OVER THE RED LINE - Adult Only (18+)

over the red line - adult only (18+)18+

53 reads

A story of two individuals swayed by passion from what they grew to believe and held sacred, battling not to fall off the edge to their perils because of the uncontrollable desires of their flesh. Will they throw caution to the wind and go over the red line or seize a chance that may exist to turn from going down the abyss, a path of no return? ...

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Dead Lions Don't Roar

dead lions don't roar

17 reads

Dead Lions Don’t Roar is a collection of inspiring and motivating modern day verses. Addressing many issues close to home and also many taboo subjects, the poetry is reflective of today’s struggles and lights the way to a positive future. The uplifting book appeals to all age groups, male and female alike....anyone going through change, building or enjoying a career and facing day-to-day struggles will love the challenging nature of the writing and the strength that flows through from the innovative author. Many of the short verses will resonate with readers, with Tolu's aim being for it to leave a sense of peace and wellbeing. ...

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My Book of Bible Stories

my book of bible stories

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This is a book of true stories. They are taken from the world's greatest book, the Bible. The stories give you a history of the world from when God began to create until right up to our present day....

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can i be married already?!

9 reads

A fully Biblical and humorously frank book that provides answers to questions that single Christians have about singleness, marriage, and sex. Questions like: • Is it scriptural for a Christian lady to propose to a guy she finds attractive or is sure is her God-ordained spouse? • Is it compulsory for a Christian to be married to fulfill his/her purpose? • When is the right time to get married? • How do I overcome the temptation to be anxious because I’m still single at my age? • Am I still single because God doesn’t love me? • Why do I still have all these sexual urges even though I’m saved and single? • What’s the big deal about having sex before I’m married? • How will I know the right person to marry? • Is there any difference between dating and courtship and does that even matter? • How do I overcome couple envy? and much more. Each chapter takes the reader on a journey of understanding the wisdom in trusting God even when the hope of marriage has been deferred. They also equip the Christian single with practical insights on how to relish this season of their lives as they prepare for what they hope will be their next. ...

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The Lekki Club - Adult Only (18+)

the lekki club - adult only (18+)18+

82 reads

A closet male sexual submissive. An unexpected encounter. Can he embrace what he truly is in Nigeria? Remi Olapade is single and enjoying his time mingling with his multiple casual hookups, after the breakdown of his engagement to the society girl Janet. An unexpected invitation to the ultra-secretive ‘Lekki Club’ leads to a summons to Room 3, where he meets the mysterious Eve. Eve strips and chips away at the walls he has put up to fool others. Slowly she gets him to admit who he truly is and embrace what he truly wants. Is Remi brave enough in Nigeria to accept what he has been hiding all along from his previous conquests and hookups? Can Remi convince the mysterious Eve to leave Room 3 and take their relationship into the real world? Is Remi ready to stop pretending and give up his other women for Eve. If you like sizzling sex scenes, raw emotions, and bondage, then The Lekki Club is for you. The Lekki Club is an erotic story of love, loss, the supernatural, life changing mistakes and redemption. Download The Lekki Club now via the app, to find out if Remi is brave enough to come out of the closet. Please help me and leave a review, thank you. ...

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Failed Woman

failed woman

593 reads

Four friends—Rudy, Morgan, Alex and Ola, are desperately in search of love, peace of mind and stability. Though Ola, the least successful, quietly believed she was the failed woman of the group, she soon discovers that everyone has their fair share of mishap. First there is Rudy, prominent plastic surgeon, envied by many for her picturesque family—an attorney husband and two children. However, her marriage is anything but loving. Next is Morgan, cardiologist, married to a world-renowned surgeon. Their home, though filled with love still feels empty, a constant reminder of her inability to have children. Then there is Alex, CEO of a prestigious hospital, with a knack for collecting engagement rings, but yet to walk down the aisle. Saddled with two sons from different men and the notion that no one would ever want her baggage, she has settled into an abusive relationship. Last, but not the least, is Ola, who did not keep the group’s pledge of becoming doctors. She’d absconded instead to marry the love of her life, after which three children followed. But a floundering career leads her back to her friends when Rudy hires her as an assistant. This unideal situation, with her friend now turned boss, further aggravates her insecurities as she struggles to reclaim her place in the group. On the surface all will seem well until the charade they call friendship is tested, and things begin to unravel, leaving them all plagued with more doubts than achievements. Each woman will arrive at a crossroad where she must decide whether to throw in the towel or step up to the plate. Failed Woman is a novel about desire and loss. It is Tealson Taylor’s first book....

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Thou Shalt Love

thou shalt love

795 reads

A sex-addicted successful Lawyer, A domestically abused brash businesswoman,  A grandmother constantly nagging for great-grandchildren,  A search for happily ever after,  Susan and Mildred Carter must navigate the struggles of the 21st Century woman in a male-dominant society at all cost....

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Betray & Betrayed

betray & betrayed

217 reads

Happily married, Jumobi Adewura has everything she’s ever wanted in her marriage to her rich and successful husband Dotun or so she thought until her past resurfaced, bringing along with it juicy irresistible pleasures she had longed forgotten. Now, her marriage is on the verge of breaking down and the only way to save it is to lay her hands on the ‘impossible to get’ secret recipe to win back her husband’s heart. Jumobi must go out of her way to get this recipe and save her marriage. Will Dotun’s love for her revert back to what it once was or will that lustful appetite cause her to lose everything? ...

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