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A short romantic Novel exploring deep feelings of attraction between the sexes. It features three stories, which finally fuse into one. Each story is about a different guy, his approach towards a girl he is attracted to, and experiencing how it unravels: ● Bolade has an uncontrollable desire for Nneka; his friend's girlfriend, even though he knows it's wrong to betray the trust. He discovers how amazing she is, only after he messes up his lucky chance with her. ● Nnana fell in love with Tope on the first day he met her and he was convinced she felt the same way but she continues to resist him. After enduring time away from her, he tries again to rekindle their love. ● Segun has had a crush on Titi; his close friend for years but he has never found a way to express his feelings. He decides to gamble on love and reveals how obsessed he is with her. These three stories fuse into one and a question you might ask yourself is: Which is lust, which is infatuation and which is love? Get to uncover various unforgettable characters in 9 breathtaking chapters. ...

The Book About Nothing

the book about nothing

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"The Book About Nothing" is a collaboration by Michael-Peace Kenneth and Nissi Utho. The book touches pressing issues in society today, things that cover everything, yet are not addressed enough. The book is a good read for people of all ages....

FINDING YOUR ‘PERFECT’ PARTNER A Book for the 21st Century Single

finding your ‘perfect’ partner a book for the 21st century single

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Every man or woman desires to find the ‘perfect’ mate. We all desire a happy family and to live happily ever after. We all desire to love and be loved and be merry too in our relationships and marriages by extension. I have chosen as a Christian to draw insights from the Holy Bible and use its perspectives regarding relationship and marriage to help you find your 'perfect' partner, one who makes you happy and tirelessly works in order to bring out the best in you. Marriage in all ramifications is great; it’s a remarkable institution set by God, where if we follow God’s guide (as clearly written in the Holy Bible), this author believes, nothing from the pit of hell would be able to debar us from experiencing marital bliss....

THE NIGERIAN DREAM: The Ice Prince Story

the nigerian dream: the ice prince story

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This book follows Ice Prince from his time as a fledgling in Northern Nigeria to his breakout years in lagos and his exploits around the globe. It references his lessons, retells his experiences and recalls the subtle leaps that makes him a celebrated Nigerian story....



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Adénikẹ́ is a real life story based on the Power of Faith, Hope and Love against the odds of life’s circumstances. You’re about to read an Intriguing real life story of a young girl whose life’s trajectory completely changed overnight and is still evolving. It’s a story that will take you through her denial, strength, resilience, confusion, pain, tears, brokenness, surrender, and finally her freedom and liberty into true Life. If you ever doubt that you cannot possibly Pass through the trials and Tribulations of life no matter how harsh it may be, Adénikẹ́ will Inspire you to re-think that though. Through reading this book you’ll see her fight for her life, when all she had left in her was nothing but the Hope to fight, you'll see her find herself through a community of Love and most of all you'll see her come into her own. You’ll read about her determination and genuinely see through her experiences; you’ll almost be able to live and be present in this book as much as she was while going through the experiences stated in it. It is my hope that lives will be impacted through this read....


31 spoonfuls

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This book is about the choices you make. Because the choices we make either make us or mar us. It is the choices we make that shoots life into the seed of our destinies; causing it to burst forth with vibrance and vivacity! And these same choices have the power to snuff out the life from your destiny, causing the seed to shrink into nothingness and emptiness… into darkness. Never seen. Never heard. Never to be. Like a stillborn. What choices are you making? ...


saving grace

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Like I often say, “what’s worse that not knowing God all your life, is thinking all the while that you did”. This is why the subject of salvation cannot be overflogged. It must be preached to the unbelievers and taught to the believers. Whichever side you belong, this book will do you mighty good! In a simple and progressive manner, the author does well to unpack the subject of salvation in such a manner that everyone (skeptic, seeker and believer) can relate to. Get this book into as many hands as you can!...

After The Storm - Sample

after the storm - sample

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Attractive business mogul, Akeem Kadiri, has just one belief — confidence in himself and his ability to make things happen. His principle had worked for him over the years, and he had no reason to change it. When he meets Yemi, his life appears even more picture-perfect until a costly decision results in his carefully planned life spiralling out of control. Yemi is completely swept off her feet when she meets Akeem during her holidays in the U.K. Despite the differences in their family backgrounds, Yemi feels secure in Akeem’s love for her until events happen that shake her to her very core. Can their love for each other withstand the consequences of their actions? Or will they find it easier to let things take their natural course? ‘After The Storm’ is a story of love, heartbreak, difficult choices and ultimately finding the greatest love of all....



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Ashake, heroine and protagonist in this story, started out from her native village after discovering that the rather brutal and humou rlessly wicked man she grew up to know as her father until she was eighteen years was but her stepfather. Seeking a new life in Lagos opened a floodgate of misfortunes for her; misfortunes, which arrived as almost uncontrollable torrents, but which turned their back on her only in the evening of her life. ...


a happy disappointment

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His comic father made fun of him with words, his mother was a father figure when she disciplined with sternness. He had a little sister he loved so much. He lived the expectation his parents wanted to see. He had a girlfriend he promised to marry when they grow up. He surprised his parents with a scholarship award. He was enrolled in an academy in the city and he moved with his family to Boston. His girl friend wrote many letters to him but he replied a few, his parents urged him to take a wife, he married his African girlfriend at Boston, his sister also married her Caucasian boyfriend. On the eve of Christmas they moved to their village for the celebration, his girlfriend never left his mind, he went to visit her with his old friend. She welcomed them with her baby and introduced them to her husband. They reminisced on yesterday with nostalgia....