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Beautiful Mess SAMPLE

beautiful mess sample

165 reads

Makena and Daniel meet at the beach and a whirlwind romance begins. But the past comes calling when she finds out that her father murdered Daniel's dad. The only man she loves is the one she can never be with. Is their love strong enough to overcome the dark past?...

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love and submission

2K reads

In this book, I take the time to travel through the concepts of love and submission as taught in scriptures and argue that gaining the right perspective on the concept of ‘Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church’ and ‘Wives, submit to your own husbands as unto the Lord’ will revolutionize the marriage of any couple. It is a journey you cannot begin if you do not have an open heart that pursues greater understanding of the concept of love and submission and in particular God’s intention concerning marriage. I will therefore request that you proceed to read each chapter with a desire to interact with godly counsel and find the right understanding. ...

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will you marry me?

5K reads

Your choice of a life partner will define the rest of your life and this is not something to take lightly. I won’t bore you with so much in the introduction. I will simply invite you into the book to examine your considerations and weigh your thoughts. In the end, you will find yourself putting your suitors on the right scale or putting yourself on the scale to see how balanced your considerations are. When I see marriages fail, I feel terribly bad because the trend can be arrested if single people can be told the truth. The truth is not far, many of these marriages did not fail at the marriage phase, marriage was just the imploding ground for a relationship wrongly founded. It is my hope therefore that you will find this book simple and easy to read. I pray also that as you follow the wisdom shared in this book, your testimony will be that, ‘I read it, applied it and my life has turned out so good!’ Enjoy a great read. ...

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the blackmailer

972 reads

Some people are just destined for trouble. No one fits more perfectly into this picture than Hinsley, who decides to have a fling with Sabrina, a hustling city gold-digger. She is one hell of a lady, smarter than the average Lagos girl, who knows all the ways to milk good money out of flirtatious men. Hinsley quickly finds himself in a jam after he assists her in making a homicide look like a suicide. But a spy has got a photograph of them in the act, and he now uses it to blackmail them. 10 million or a jail term, Hinsley and Sabrina are left to sort out the mess. With desperation tugging him to the edge of his sanity, Hinsley is compelled to take actions that will rattle your mind; but more intriguingly, Sabrina will take the reader’s breath away by what she turns out to become. Find out in this hot-paced page turning crime fiction....

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Silent Tears

silent tears

8K reads

She falls in love...she experiences tears...she tries to love...She struggles to RUN!...

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Fear to Fall

fear to fall

733 reads

Lana, a high flier banker in Lagos with eyes set on becoming a Senior Manager before 30. Oscillating between placing her love for Bode in the back burner of her life due to fear, scepticism and career progression, and picking it up somewhere along the line only to lpainfully lose it as her family drama unfolds threatening the fabric of her identity. Drew, the heir to the Akande Empire who’s chosen not to work in his father’s business, falls for his pretty brown-eyed colleague who is oblivious to his feelings and unfortunately is back to her ex. Would these two find their way together through the hurdles thrown in their path to love? Would Drew defy all odds and make her realise he is the man for her? Would Lana let go of her fears and ideologies to see the love that has been in her face all along?...

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Finding Mr. Right

finding mr. right

1K reads

This story reveals the life of three beautiful ladies and how they find love understanding that life is beyond finding Mr. Right. It's humour filled and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Get ready to laugh your head off. Trust me, this ain't your regular novel....

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KIKELOMO (The memoir of an abused girl)

kikelomo (the memoir of an abused girl)

3K reads

A story of courage and resilience in the face of abuse. Kikelomo is a memoir that chronicles the life of a young woman, detailing her childhood experiences of sexual violation and abuse, as well as the resulting vulnerability and insecurities that pushed her to a pattern of mistakes. In its down to earth conversational approach, it shares the authors path to recovery, discovery of purpose and reclaiming a beautiful future. ...

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Letters to my past self

letters to my past self

929 reads

In my life so far, I have only been called out three times. The first was in primary school, over a period of 4 to 5 years, for consistently being in the last 5 pupils with awful exam scores in a class of 40. The second was when I was caught cheating in my physics test, and I was brought out to be scolded and embarrassed in front of the whole class. The third time was in my tertiary institution when I gave the valedictory speech in my department as the best graduating student. Unfortunately, this book is not an attempt to portray my story, but an attempt to share the stories of some great gentlemen and ladies who despite all odds, made it to the top 1 percent of their classes. I asked them a simple question, “If you could go back in time, what would you tell your past self?” It was exciting to realize that the same principles which moved me from that cheating loser to a valedictorian were common to us all. Hence, the feedback and my life changing experiences became the inspiration I put to write this book. I hope you find these answers mind captivating and thought provoking like I did. Cheers....

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knowing god's will for marriage

441 reads

I have not met anyone who wants to make a mistake in their choice of a life partner. As believers, we want to make sure that our decision is both sensible and spiritual. We also want to ensure that our future is secure based on the decision we made. This has led to a situation where single people want to know and be in God’s will. The understanding is that being in ‘God’s will’ is being in the secure place and ensuring that mistakes do not happen. The pursuit of ‘God’s will’ in this sense has led to many questions, chief of which is ‘how to know God’s will’ or how to be in God’s will. Indeed, God has a will in every matter including the subject of who to get married to. However, many people have totally missed the point as to how God gets involved in the issue of marriage. In this book, I take a look at the common misconceptions about hearing from God. I particularly take a look at different ways by which many have tried to be led by God and examine these forms of hearing God through scriptures. I examine the inner witness, inner voice, audible voice, dreams, visions, trances and third party voices such as Parents, Pastors and Prophets. In conclusion, I examine the place of hearing God vis-à-vis making a decision. I believe that as you read through this book, you will find clarity....

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