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Central Attack 1 ssr

central attack 1

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Central Attack is the chronicles of 5 ageless elite veteran special op soldiers; Trigger, Boom, Switch, Snipe and Auto who are only called upon in top secret impossible missions. In 1979, they were subjects of a military experiment that went wrong and resulted in them having a slowed aging process. This gives them an unusual experience repertoire that counts for a lot during missions. ...

Hero Kekere #1 ssr

hero kekere #1

286 reads

Hero Kekere, a title specially for kids and those with a great sense of humour. A Web-Comic by COMIC REPUBLIC Akintoba kalejaiye Ozo Ezeogu Stanley obande Michael Balogun...


the legend

18 reads

Name: Ayangunna Jeremiah Level: 100 level Department: English Word count: 3,055 The story revolves around a man named Davies. He had the dream of being great in life. Though he was poor. He was not destitute of the passion to succeed. He became a great warrior. He fought various battles and came out victorious at every point. His faith was put to test when he encountered a ferocious beast which caused the people to be caged with fear. Will he pass the test? We shall discover in the story....

Corporate Escort ssr

corporate escort

197 reads

Zipora tells the story of her life as a Corporate Escort, a more professional name for a runs girl. She never set out originally to become one; but a huge disappointment from the two people she look up to made her choose that path.......

Gulliver's Travels ssr

gulliver's travels

410 reads

Gulliver's Travels (1726, amended 1735), is a novel by Anglo-Irish writer and clergyman Jonathan Swift, that is both a satire on human nature and a parody of the "travellers' tales" literary sub-genre. It is Swift's best known full-length work, and a classic of English literature. The book became popular as soon as it was published. John Gay wrote in a 1726 letter to Swift that "It is universally read, from the cabinet council to the nursery."[1] Since then, it has never been out of print....

Afro: The Girl With The Magical Hair ssr

afro: the girl with the magical hair

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When the people of Yackiland run out of Kanek weaves, the kingdom is thrown into chaos. Ruled by an evil, straight hair-obsessed queen for so many years, the people of Yackiland have forgotten how to grow their own hair. It is up to Afro, the girl with the magical hair, to save the kingdom. But the queen has plans of her own…...


not so happily married

4K reads

A marriage that should never been. Masks no one could see through. Unbridled tears,unbridled passions,a seemingly endless love,seemingly endless troubles. Omoboye and Kite's story will make your heart race,your eyes water and change everything you know about marriage. ...

Suddenly royal 2 ssr

suddenly royal 2

32 reads

. __________________________________________________ Hours of small talk, handshaking, and the unveiling of a plaque were starting to take their toll on me. I was fidgeting with the napkin I’d picked up from one of the rotating servers when Alex managed to make his way back to me across the room. I was getting better at these types of events, but when they were as big as this one, it was hard to not feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, Chadwick was always nearby and I could count on him to extradite me from overly enthusiastic strangers. Alex was good about not leaving my side when it could be helped; unfortunately, it was quicker for us to split up to work the room when possible. And these were all people who donated to the FBT. ţһє єnd .RECKLESSLY ROYAL. coming soon...

With These Shoes I Thee Wed Bk One ssr

with these shoes i thee wed bk one

89 reads

Adetoke, a renowned fashion designer found herself in the midst of friends and families with blooming romance. But her case was different. Her friends say perhaps she's been too picky but she knows what she wants in her man. She's always known what she wanted in her life, but would she get what she wants at the end or settle for less? This is more than a love story- it's a tale of divine providence in governing relationship. A tale of finding fulfillment in the quest for a spouse....

Happenings Magazine ssr

happenings magazine

26 reads

Toke Makinwa's "On Becoming" and Ese Walter's "Naked" are women's Love and Sexual Confessions the next cash cow? Find out in this edition of HappenINGS Magazine...