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anita's rules

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Anita is 30 and living her single life happily by her 'Golden Rules' of sleeping with guys and not getting attached. But what's a club girl to do when she meets Ben, someone her golden rules won't cover? Love is messy. Anita and Ben are about to find out just how messy it can get......

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The No-Nonsense Wife- A Short Story

the no-nonsense wife- a short story

686 reads

The No-Nonsense Wife was published on Bella Naija in 2012- and it instantly went viral. Missed it then? Read it now! ...

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money not love

1K reads

Odili and Stephanie are both single, rich and very successful. Constantly pestered by their families and board members to get married, they turn to each other for a simple solution. But marriage is never simple, especially when these two are involved....

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the crossroads

149 reads

Life usually doesn't turn out the way we want, and there are seasons that are darker than others. Carol's story reflects the sad reality of some expatriates in many countries. Home is not always where you can go back at will and foreign governments have the right to protect and provide for their own... Join her in her lament for a way out at her crossroad....

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will you marry me?

6K reads

Your choice of a life partner will define the rest of your life and this is not something to take lightly. I won’t bore you with so much in the introduction. I will simply invite you into the book to examine your considerations and weigh your thoughts. In the end, you will find yourself putting your suitors on the right scale or putting yourself on the scale to see how balanced your considerations are. When I see marriages fail, I feel terribly bad because the trend can be arrested if single people can be told the truth. The truth is not far, many of these marriages did not fail at the marriage phase, marriage was just the imploding ground for a relationship wrongly founded. It is my hope therefore that you will find this book simple and easy to read. I pray also that as you follow the wisdom shared in this book, your testimony will be that, ‘I read it, applied it and my life has turned out so good!’ Enjoy a great read. ...

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love and submission

4K reads

In this book, I take the time to travel through the concepts of love and submission as taught in scriptures and argue that gaining the right perspective on the concept of ‘Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church’ and ‘Wives, submit to your own husbands as unto the Lord’ will revolutionize the marriage of any couple. It is a journey you cannot begin if you do not have an open heart that pursues greater understanding of the concept of love and submission and in particular God’s intention concerning marriage. I will therefore request that you proceed to read each chapter with a desire to interact with godly counsel and find the right understanding. ...

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A Beautiful Foe

a beautiful foe

203 reads

As a finalist in the university, life was blissful for Esther, until she found herself in the middle of a scandal, helpless and unaware of a force lurking in the shadows that would stop at nothing to ensure her ultimate ruin....

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Silver lining

silver lining

161 reads

Like many before her, life proves not to be totally black and white for Kemi, the harsh reality hits home soon after her sojourn at the University. The travails bespeaking of dashed hopes and fruitless endeavours. In the midst of all that chaos and crude experience, she finds closure in the strangest of places....

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The Naive Wife - Rachel's Choice (Preview)

the naive wife - rachel's choice (preview)

910 reads

On the day of her sister's marriage introduction, radio show host, Rachel Eden, meets Ejike and Doug; two friends that could not be more different. She finds herself instantly attracted to Ejike, but there's something about Doug and the way he's determined to win her heart. Neither men are who they appear to be, however, making Rachel's choice harder. Her producer and friend, Dongjap, also makes his intentions known, but could he be a little too late? Rachel's Choice is a story of many singles, seeking to know the will of God for their relationships and who need, beyond wisdom, grace to make the right choice for their lives. It is the first volume of a three-book fictional series about love and marriage - The Naive Wife....

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Eniola is an abused girl who knows nothing but hate for the word 'Love'. Is Love being raped by a boy she loved with all her heart along with four older boys who he brought to 'open the way'? Gloria is a scared child. She is 23 but in many ways still feels like the 13 year old Daddy rubbed vaseline on her bom-bom the night he told her they would make the 'ultimate game machine noise'. They indeed made a noise that night; the noise was her scream in the dead of the night as Daddy raped her as proof of his love for her. 10 years later and still no one hears her screams for help as she is trapped in low self-esteem, an insane urge to masturbate along with a man who visits her dreams in the night to have sex with her. Is there hope for redemption for her soul? Lyna is a girl who is mad at the world along with her two uncles who started it all. She wants more; she wants more with girls but mama's priest says she would go to hell. She is frightened but cannot be good on her own.She likes her girls. Is there any hope for redemption for her? Frances is a girl from a broken home. She wants love but ends up getting it from the wrong places. With abuse trailing her from the man who says he loves her and blood on her hands from two abortions - the result of the love she seeks... could there be any hope for her? Is there love and redemption for broken girls and damaged women? Is there new beginnings for the girls who cry at night? Can Eniola find love again? Find out in this thrilling story of 'abuse, pain, hope and healing'... ENIOLA....

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