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How Old Are You Now?

how old are you now?

238 reads

"How Old Are You Now?" is a series of raw truths, as told by a thirty year old woman on the precipice of it all. It is a fictional journey that causes you to reach deep within and have conversations with yourself. It is the story of Muna, and all the women who mirror her. ...

The Struggling Virgin

the struggling virgin

16K reads

Torn between her faith and her love for her fiancee, Ronke, an undergraduate student decided to take a tough decision....

Dear Future Husband

dear future husband

4K reads

Enter the everyday lives of three young beautiful ladies as they go through life and find love in the strangest of ways....

Memoirs Of A Lagos Playboy: Part I

memoirs of a lagos playboy: part i

14K reads

“Today, during my lunch break I ran into this pretty lady. She said her name was Christy. She was about 5’7′, slim and well proportioned in perfectly cut dark suit and matching pants…” There are the words that started out one of Nigeria’s most well written and addictive short stories series “Memoirs Of A Lagos Hustler” Find out what the hype is about and enter the tempting and explicit world of Malcolm…the Lagos Hustler!...


confessions of a kenyan uber taxi driver

6K reads

A short story about Daniel, a taxi driver based in Nairobi, Kenya, who lives a fairly normal life. On what started out as a typical day at work, he is subtly coerced into taking another trip even though it was late. One last cab ride on a chilly night and he will be done for the day, or so he thought... This is no ordinary passenger; there is a certain sharpness in his voice that instills fear. Is he a soldier? A criminal? Or worse...? This was the ride of Daniel's life. In a trip that seems like forever, Daniel's perspective on life is abruptly changed when he and the passenger have a very important conversation. *Rated Top Downloaded Book of May and June 2018 on OkadaBooks....

Boarding Tales

boarding tales

7K reads

Abused as a child, Bosola finds it hard to rein in her sexual urges. With the opportunity of going to a boarding school which was morally depraved in every sense came the freedom to explore her decadence without limit. But for how long will this go on and what would Bosola's presence in this school mean for the students, teachers and even the owner of the school. ...

How Laziness Saved My Life (Preview)

how laziness saved my life (preview)

13K reads

How Laziness Saved My Life is Okechukwu Ofili’s Latest book on Entrepreneurship and Business. This is not your regular business book written by an MBA student and filled with dramatic case studies and business theories. Rather it is an accidental business book, filled with crazy and sometimes hilarious stories that often contain powerful and endearing business lessons. Review HOW LAZINESS SAVED MY LIFE is a must read for Managers and Business Leaders! Get a copy for your boss and one for your s that good! --Okechukwu Ofili Grabs you from the first page and never lets you go...until you are done. --Okechukwu Ofili The book is so intelligently written and wickedly funny, it is as if I wrote it myself. --Okechukwu Ofili Grabs you from the first page and never lets you go...until you are done. --Okechukwu Ofili The book is so intelligently written and wickedly funny, it is as if I wrote it myself. --Okechukwu Ofili...


not so happily married

4K reads

A marriage that should never been. Masks no one could see through. Unbridled tears,unbridled passions,a seemingly endless love,seemingly endless troubles. Omoboye and Kite's story will make your heart race,your eyes water and change everything you know about marriage. ...

From Friend to Fiancée PREVIEW

from friend to fiancée preview

13K reads

Warning! I strongly suggest that you read this book with an open mind because I'll be sharing secrets most men don't want you to know, especially the 'players' among them. There's a lot of uncommon sense and seduction (yeah, I said it) required to get your man. Remember, this book focuses on moving you out of the 'friend zone' where you probably have been relegated to for a while, to the 'fiancée zone', which should lead to marriage, if you do your homework well enough. The techniques in this book do NOT promote manipulation as they do POSITIONING! If you're not in the right position at the right place and time, you're gonna miss out and some girl somewhere is going to reap where you've so painstakingly sown. I'm also not so concerned about what your religious or faith paradigm is right now, as I'm not trying to be your Pastor, but just a friend telling you the cold hard truth, trying to steer you in the right direction. Don't forget that only two women - Ruth and Esther - have their names as books of the Bible. These women learnt the secret art of positioning that was required to get the men they wanted. You should too. Nuff said. Let's get this show on the road!...

My Beautiful Sad Life: A fictional Tale

my beautiful sad life: a fictional tale

11K reads

The story centers around a 20 year old girl who had everything, but yet lacked everything. Written in the first person pronoun, the main character-who is also the girl, blogs about her daily activities, her past life and mistakes, and still speculated about what the future held for her. In her quest to find love and be accepted, she discovers she doesn't exactly have an identity....