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the 30 laws of money

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The 30 Laws of Money is a collection of tried, tested and proven Laws that govern the acquisition of money. The Book is hereby presented as an effective tool for the acquisition of prosperity consciousness that empowers the individual to access any form of material wealth he may desire. The reward for compliance is prosperity. The penalty for violating the Laws is poverty. It is especially valuable when a matriculation from poverty to prosperity is intensely sought. It is written in a baby step approach, for beginners, and for all who want to escape from financial woes. This book has enjoyed a series of successful trials. It has been used as a course of study, for three consecutive years, as a leading program for ambitious entrepreneurs who attend monthly seminars and as a training manual for small business people, it served as a catalyst for accelerated business growth. A test study of the effectiveness of the 30 Laws of Money has also been carried out among three sets of young college graduates and the results were positive and encouraging. It is recommended that you read a Law a day for the next 30 days, in order to achieve maximum results. It takes gradual, daily, unrelenting reading and contemplation for periods beyond twenty one days to accomplish a paradigm change. If you will conduct the 30 days reading, and follow through on the recommendations as suggested, and you repeat this process every month for twelve months, your prosperity will be ensured....