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Thirty Flavors of Apple Juice

thirty flavors of apple juice

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I have been struck by lightning, abused as a child and a grown-up, made mistakes and wrong choices, battled with several fears among other ordeals, yet I choose to stand strong - because that is my ONLY option and the road to exploring the various flavors of Apple Juice....

First Valentine

first valentine

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I could feel his breath behind me. I turned to face him, held him close and planted another kiss, this time on his lips. His lips didn't part open though; he was still fasting. For a moment, I wondered why the ushering department would schedule a fast on Valentine’s Day. ...

The Pretty Teen

the pretty teen

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Her hair dark like horsetail, eyes sparkling bright and lips like watermelon - sweet sixteen, Patti. Co-opted into the Red Light District, she lives, lures, and loves....