Ada is a two-times winner of a Multinational Company’s Creative Writing Competition.” I am a personality with the desire to continuously improve myself and work towards my goals. I never ceases to thank God for where I am while in a continuous quest for where I want to be. I like reading, writing, tennis, tourism, networking, meditating, documentation and charity. My passion is to continuously understand the uniqueness of every human being that I encounter in life, relating to them in their own peculiarities and making the best out of them. Above all things, I love God and my Family!...

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Driven by Passion ssr

driven by passion

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Driven By Passion is an inspirational collection that contains words on several areas of life. The words were triggered from my personal life experiences, and are meant to positively inspire people at every step of their lives. The only thing that I did was to turn my experiences into opportunities for learning, which forms the core content of this book. The birth of this piece of work came as a result of my passion to make a positive impact on humanity....