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I Heard The Car Door Slam and Other Stories

i heard the car door slam and other stories

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‘Well, he wasn’t around, so I let myself in. I have a spare key to everywhere – even to his car. I have a spare key to his heart too (me and many other women) as the main key is with his mother. Anyway, it was an impromptu decision, but I started making plans to surprise him. I started cooking and baking and playing music and running a bath and all. Then I heard the car door slam and I immediately looked outside to see him walking toward the house in a really blood-stained shirt. Then I immediately ran outside and asked him what happened. He slapped me to the ground like a possessed demon and kept walking. ’ In this book, there are 14 creative writing prompts and 14 stories showing my attempt at each prompt. The focus, however, is the prompts and how they are designed to inspire your next 14 stories. ...

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For Those Who Love Love

for those who love love

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Ever fantasized about a romantic proposal or wondered how to pull one off? 'For Those Who Love Love' is a compilation of cheesy fictional proposal stories (including, 'How We Met' sections) from 20 couples. ...

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