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Changing Maria

changing maria

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This is the Story of an ex prostitute who fell in love with the man who rescued her from the streets. This is Global Runs Book Series Season 5. Find the GLOBAL RUNS platform at the top and join the running story. You can also go to our website You can reach the Author on Whatsapp through +8613544479311...

Fellowship Of Enemies

fellowship of enemies

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This masterpiece thriller is the Season 3 of the "Africa To Europe" Series by Samson Akpaka. Please search for Season 1 "Journey to Nowhere" and read it before reading this. Alternatively, you can read the series online on my website You can reach the Author on Whatsapp through +8613544479311...

The Devils Of Europe (Global Runs Series: Book 4)

the devils of europe (global runs series: book 4)

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THE DEVILS OF EUROPE’ is widely voted the best story from the Author in 2015. This comprehensive piece on the evils being done by Human Traffickers and Italian Mamas across Europe will open the evil world up for you. This book will keep you glued to your device that you will wonder why you didn't know about it earlier. Before reading this book, please look for Global Runs Series {Book 1: THERE AND BACK ON TIME} - {Book 2: The Shadow Chase} and {Book 3: Amsterdam}. You can download them here. Just search for my name. You can reach the Author on Whatsapp through +8613544479311...

The Prostitute's Bible

the prostitute's bible

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My name is Maria James. I was born in Nigeria but relocated to Italy when I was just 18. The purpose for my travel was not what I met when I got to Italy and as a result, I turned to prostitution, the only available work for teenage illegal immigrants. This book is a story of a teenage Nigerian girl who was forced into prostitution in Italy. This is a continuation of the book "Journey to Nowhere" Which can also be downloaded here. Scroll right on the menubar and locate "Global Runs." All our books can be downloaded there. Before you read this book, Download Book 1 (JOURNEY TO NOWHERE) You can reach the Author on Whatsapp through +8613544479311...

Journey To Nowhere

journey to nowhere

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“Tell me everything you have been doing since you came to Europe,” Austin said. I didn’t remember how many times he had asked for that information in the past but right there, I felt it was time to open up to him. He was right there beside me on the bed. We were in Stockholm Sweden and it was during the winter. I met Austin back in Lagos Nigeria in 2006 at the Lekki Beach. Journey to Nowhere is a story of Maria, a teenage African girl who was deceptively taken to Europe for prostitution. After reading this, download Book 2 "THE PROSTITUTE'S BIBLE" to continue the series. To contact the Author, send a mail to You can reach the Author on Whatsapp through +8613544479311...